Jeff Colyer, phone home

Instead of piling on with Obamacare blame in Washington, Republican Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer might want to check in on his Kansas’ KanCare program, of which he was a chief architect. If Colyer had wanted Kansas’ exchange to be more competitive, he should have argued in favor of the state designing its own marketplace.

It’s OK to mourn Ella the deer

There is nothing wrong with lamenting the death of Ella, the tame deer who made Kansas City’s Elmwood Cemetery her home. What’s wrong is that the senseless deaths of human beings in Kansas City outnumber our capacity to lament them all.

Missouri chamber loses big with Rick Perry invite

With Texas Gov. Rick Perry, has been running ads inviting Missouri businesses to take their jobs to Texas, in the Show-Me State on Thursday to speak at a state Chamber of Commerce-sponsored event, it’s time to tally up the winners and losers of the Texas-Missouri smackdown.

Rick Perry invite looks bad for Missouri Chamber

Note to the Missouri Chamber of Commerce: Abetting a fox is not the way to protect your chicken coop. Why would the organization whose mission is “to protect and advance Missouri business” be hosting an out-of-state governor who is on record as wanting to poach Missouri jobs?

Who will be Gov. Brownback’s judge?

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback will announce his appointee to the Kansas Court of Appeals on Tuesday. This is big, because it will give an indication of how brazen the governor intends to be when it comes to shaping the court with judges of his ideological bent.

Sadly, clown rodeo stunt is too reflective of Missouri

Missouri is a state with immense natural beauty, great cities and towns, outstanding colleges and universities and decent and fine people. But it tolerates too much disrespect for President Barack Obama and the inclusive, multicultural nation that he represents. Missouri should be better than the spectacle it presented Saturday night at the state fair clown rodeo.

Let’s pass the ‘Stop Republican Nonsense Act’

Unable to pass a farm bill, make progress on immigration reform or show signs of a budget breakthrough, the majority party of Congress settled again for cheap stunts aimed at embarrassing President Obama’s administration and making sure citizens remain aggrieved.

Profiles in courage are blurry in the Missouri legislature

Missouri has moved a long distance away from the concept of a citizen legislature — ordinary folks who take five months out of their year to spend part of the week in Jefferson City grappling with tough issues and crafting smart laws for the rest of us. Too many of the lawmakers are professional politicians, with most of their identity wrapped up in being a representative or senator.

Missouri GOP appears to be caving on horrible income tax bill

Is the Missouri income tax standoff over already? It looks like it. House Speaker Tim Jones has told St Louis Public Radio and The Beacon online newspaper that he won’t bring House Bill 253 up for a veto override unless some members of the Republican caucus change their minds about voting against it.

Can we get real about repealing Obamacare?

What will you do when families lose everything when somebody gets sick and can’t hold down a job? What do you say to people who have been canceled by their insurers because they’ve reached lifetime limits? How do you rationalize having the most expensive health care system in the developed world and some of the poorest results?

Risky for-profit colleges need better oversight

Abuses in the so-called for-profit college industry are well-documented. Admissions offices are often a guise for aggressive sales operations targeting disadvantaged students, who enroll with greatly inflated expectations of their employment and salary prospects upon graduation, and the amount of debt they’ll be bearing.

Brownback’s poor excuses for secrecy on judges

It was nice of Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback to give “serious consideration” to making public the names of the people applying for a judgeship on the state Court of Appeals. I won’t question his sincerity on that point, but his reasons for refusing to name the candidates are completely bogus.

Koch ‘economic freedom’ ad is a bust

Billionaire Charles Koch is causing some consternation by launching a $200,000 media campaign in the Wichita area calling for the U.S. to embrace greater “economic freedom.” Relax, people. I just watched Koch’s TV ad. It is not persuasive.

Fresh start needed in Wyandotte County commission fracas

It’s imperative for Wyandotte County’s Unified Government commissioners to resolve the matter of a contested vacant seat. Commissioners won’t be able to focus on running a county with a political battle going on in the background. They need to figure out a way to setting the question.