State finds ways to solve problems — in Mexico

We should be happy there is a rising middle class in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, where for years the path to prosperity was thought to be a border crossing into the United States. And we should look at what’s working there — think education and infrastructure — and apply the lessons here.

Don’t go wobbly on health reform: Fix the website

The best strategy would be for President Barack Obama and the Democrats to buckle up and ride out this storm. They need to fix the tech problems with the exchange and steer consumers there. They do not need to unravel the intricate health care law because 2 percent of the population is unhappy and Republicans are capitalizing on it.

Lurching toward a truce in the border war

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s economic development “border war” speech at a Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City event produced more questions than answers. If anybody is waiving the truce flag, I’m not seeing it.

Prosecutors who hide evidence harm justice

It’s possible more cases of prosecutor misconduct come to light in Missouri because judges on the higher courts are willing to look closely at defendants’ claims. For the sake of fairness, we should be thankful for that.

Down the rabbit hole of online payday lending

A reporter’s experience reveals how difficult it will be to crack down on Internet lenders. They operate with front companies, phone numbers that no one answers and addresses that don’t exist. It’s very hard to get to them. But rest assured, consumers, they will get to you if you crack open a door.

What Ryan Ferguson’s jury didn’t hear

If Ryan Ferguson is innocent of Kent Heitholt’s murder, he has lost eight years of his life to prison. Investigators have lost valuable time in learning what actually happened the night in 2001when Heiholt, a sports editor, was found dead in his newspaper’s parking lot.

Obama’s broken health care promise a bonanza for many

Obamacare opponents are having a field day with the president’s “if you like your plan you can keep it” pledge. But the broken promise, while a bonanza for the president’s critics, isn’t bad news at all for many of the people who can’t keep their policies.

For some GOP governors, embracing Obamacare is smart politics

Hello, Kansas and Missouri. Are you listening? While GOP politicians, who never wanted the Affordable Care Act to succeed, are feigning outrage over the insurance exchange’s technical difficulties, some of them are moving mountains to ensure their states’ participation in Obamacare.

Hey, what’s up with you and that Jackson County research tax?

Question 1 on the Jackson County ballot Nov. 5, a request for a half-cent sales tax increase that would raise about $40 million a year for medical research, is the best chance to boost Kansas City’s identity as a hub for scientific discovery. It’s a visionary idea, and I’m proud to support it.

Sly James schools Missouri lawmakers

Kansas City Mayor Sly James was in a button-pushing mood Tuesday night when he addressed a Missouri legislative committee that is touring the state listening to people’s ideas about education. He did a great job of speaking up for constituencies who tend to get beat up in Jefferson City: teachers, urban kids and parents and public schools in general.

The terrible fallout from teenage cruelty

Incidents in Missouri and Florida involving teenagers and bullying have erupted into full-blown Internet scandals, and you can be sure that life for all concerned is absolute hell. Parents, there has to be a way to head off trouble like this.

Shameful politicizing of the Maryville teen sex case

There is plenty of reason to be outraged by what happened in the teen sex case in Maryville. But the situation won’t be helped at all by grandstanding politicians trying to score points from a tragedy. What’s called for his quiet, behind-the-scenes work that will give the Nodaway County prosecutor a path to reopening the case.

No Nobel Prize, but Malala’s best days are yet to come

Malala Yousafzai’s bravery and public profile has captivated the world. But it is important also to acknowledge the work of a group that operates mostly in anonymity to pressure regimes not to use weapons of mass destruction. You won’t find me second-guessing the Nobel committee’s decision.

Jackson County sales tax for research should be judged fairly

Kansas City’s civic community is often criticized for a failure to lead. Give leaders credit in this case for coming up with the right focus. Translational medicine is a great goal for the region. The sales tax proposal deserves at least to be judged on its merits and not on distractions.

Jeff Colyer, phone home

Instead of piling on with Obamacare blame in Washington, Republican Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer might want to check in on his Kansas’ KanCare program, of which he was a chief architect. If Colyer had wanted Kansas’ exchange to be more competitive, he should have argued in favor of the state designing its own marketplace.