The top 10 ‘top 10’ lists about lovable Kansas City

Getting ranked on a top 10 list these days is pretty easy, given all the categories of food, travel and sports that lend themselves to this exercise. And it’s easy to make light of these rankings. Still, they often make sense. Consider some of the top 10 lists Kansas City and this region have appeared on in the last year or so.

In 2014, get tougher on taxpayer handouts in KC

Kansas City’s politicians and economic development agencies have approved billions of dollars in public incentives for dozens upon dozens of development projects. Some have been worthwhile. Too often others have been financially foolish investments on behalf of taxpayers. But with 2014 dawning, an unusual story is unfolding.

Deaf people and a Kansas congressman? Yes, it’s funny

U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder gets a lot of deserved criticism for his views on many policies, which align too often with the ultra-conservative tea party and not the more progressive people of Johnson and Wyandotte counties. But he does deserve some praise for his efforts to reach out to the deaf community,

Sonic’s mistake embarrasses KC Chiefs, too

Sonic’s mistake spotlights part of the problem with the name of the Kansas City “Chiefs.” It feeds into negative stereotypes about American Indians. Football teams with Indian-themed nicknames bring out the worst behavior in some fans, whether it’s about the Washington Redskins or — yes — the Kansas City Chiefs.

Obscene T-shirt mocks Sporting KC

Aren’t those Real Salt Lake soccer fans so .... cute? Some of them have come up with a T-shirt that mocks Sporting KC, before the two teams tangle in the MLS Cup on Dec. 7 at Sporting Park. Stay classy, Real Salt Lake.

Sandy Hook killing video game is pro-gun porn

Just in time for the one-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Connecticut, a shameful online video game is out that allows players to massacre children and adults just like Adam Lanza did Dec. 14 in Newtown, Conn. It’s the kind of sick thing one sees in a pro-gun society.

Bill Self is right: Shut down ‘Home of the Chiefs’ at Allen Fieldhouse

Bless Kansas basketball coach Bill Self for speaking out on an issue that has nothing to do with college basketball but everything to do with respecting this nation. Bill Self said Wednesday he doesn’t think KU students should sing “Home of the .... Chiefs” at the end of the national anthem in games at Allen Fieldhouse. He’s absolutely right.

Police enjoy a big victory for the status quo in KC

The retention of state control is an important milestone for the Police Department. But as the officers know, they face many challenges in reducing the city’s high crime rate. They will need the city’s help to do that, especially at budget time. A police/City Hall partnership would best serve the needs of Kansas Citians.