Kansas City is living down to its high crime reputation

The recent highway shootings are among the grim reminders that Kansas City’s unacceptably high rates of violent crime and murder affect its reputation. It’s essential that leaders keep trying to reduce these rates. They are bad for businesses, bad for tourists and especially bad for residents.

I might drop dead tomorrow, but I still enjoy running

The sport of running is a great one. Don’t let a study like this one stop you from enjoying it. I’ve long had the view that I enjoy distance running so much that I will take some of the bad that might come from it in exchange for the many friends and the other benefits I have received.

Wichita State really deserves a shot at Kansas Jayhawks now

University of Kansas basketball fans and coach Bill Self won’t like hearing this contention, but: For the last two years Wichita State University has gotten as much if not more deserved national acclaim than the Jayhawks. Wichita State fans could argue their team has taken over as the best college team in Kansas.

Johnson County’s woes deserve more attention

Take off the rose-colored glasses and Johnson County’s gnawing problems suddenly come more sharply into focus. Higher percentages of residents are struggling to make ends meet. Roads and other public infrastructure are aging and requiring higher taxes to repair. Older parts of the county are getting blighted and demanding to be addressed with publicly backed reinvestment plans.

Claire McCaskill plunks down $2.7 million for D.C. condo

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill is the 24th richest member of Congress according to a recent Roll Call list. Now look at what property records show the Democrat — and her husband Joseph Shepard — recently bought in Washington, D.C.: a $2.7 million condo. That’s a lot of money, even for the pricey nation’s capital.

Fred Phelps Sr. might be in heaven right now

Fred Phelps Sr. abused the positive teachings of so many religions for so many years with his leadership of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka. And yet the God that Phelps Sr. said he prayed to when he talked about how much the church hated gay people and others just might forgive Phelps when he dies.

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