The great deliberative body is missing in action

The U.S. Senate, a venerable institution that Democrats control and Republicans covet, has lately been something of a circus. Since the U.S. Senate is America’s pinnacle of institutional self-regard — “the world’s greatest deliberative body” — its reputation has always had a long way to tumble.

Education recalculation is bad math that will close virtual schools

“We agree that Kansas owes its public school students — regardless of their community’s economy — a high-quality education supported by fair and full funding,” write Natasha and Les Miller of Fredonia, Kan. “But our state’s educational promise extends to the approximately 6,000 full-time virtual public school students as well.”

Look to the past to understand income inequality

Harry Haskell writes: The U.S. Commission on Industrial Relations’ bipartisan consensus early last century testifies to a moment when Americans across the political spectrum recognized that workers had been denied their fair share of the wealth generated by the nation’s expanding economy.

Hobby Lobby’s slippery slope

There is nothing wrong with religious conscience, with saying there are things that, as a matter of faith, you will not do. But companies like Hobby Lobby do not get to make such decisions for everybody else.