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State of the Union, Edward Snowden, Dennis Rodman

Updated: 2014-01-31T00:32:52Z

State of the Union

In his State of the Union address, our president was eloquent in his description of Army Ranger Cory Remsburg’s struggle with his war wounds and the rest of our country’s military service in support of our freedom.

However, I find President Barack Obama’s praise hypocritical in the face of his signature on the budget bill that took away some pension benefits our military members were promised to help finance the government’s fiscal irresponsibility, which is our debt and the spending of money we don’t have.

Of course, our Congress is also to blame. Sens. Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt voted for the budget bill. And the House shares the blame for expecting further sacrifice from the members of our armed forces and their families.

I believe that asking our military to do more is a tragedy of narrow-minded, ungrateful thinking and needs to be at the top of the list to correct. Find the money to pay our bills somewhere else.

How about taking it from the legislative and executive branches? I don’t see them stepping up to the plate to sacrifice for their service.

Bob Burns

Blue Springs

Snowden’s request

Edward Snowden keeps making headlines. This question has come up: Should Snowden be granted the freedom to return to the United States in exchange for the return of the classified documents he has stolen?

Looking through an objective lens, I have arrived at two conclusions:

• Snowden is a hero and a patriot, acting to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution.

• He should not be granted the freedom to return to the U.S.

Because he has never revealed information to our enemies, he fails to fit the profile of a traitor.

He fights only to guard the freedoms of the American people.

In doing so, though, he sacrifices his own freedoms.

This is the price of patriotism in its truest form — the forfeit of personal liberty in order to do the right thing.

To ask the government of the United States to accept him would demean the integrity of our nation and the integrity of the cherished document Snowden aims to protect.

Although the government cannot accept him, the people of America should never forget the bravery of Edward Snowden and should model the principles he demonstrates.

Therin Showalter


Dennis Rodman show

Anyone with a little common sense could observe Dennis Rodman for three minutes and understand that here is a very confused and unbalanced individual. To make a story of him is to insult those who follow daily news.

The proper way to handle his latest antics is with the headline: “The Rodman freak show, Chapter 10,” followed by contact information for the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences of the university nearest the news outlet.

My apologies to Dennis the cartoon character for insulting his level of maturity by comparing him to the basketball player.

Richard Bono


Google woes

Google Fiber has sold the public on its service, but all is not as it seems.

To get the television portion of the service to work on all the TVs in a home, Google has to hook into your existing inside wiring that your cable TV uses.

In a multiunit building or large home, Google may want to install its network interface units where they are easiest for its technicians and then run wire along your baseboards or beside your crown molding to get to the main connection for your cable.

For me, that’s hardly an acceptable solution and hardly what Google offered when we committed to its service. Yes, technicians could pull their fiber into another location in my home but they refuse.

I will stick with Time Warner cable, which so far delivers on its promises.

Buyer beware. Ask all the right questions before you let Google talk you into signing up for its expensive service and you find yourself facing r wires running everywhere throughout your home. And shame on Google.

Clearly, it isn’t as high-tech as it claims to be.

Deborah Keating

Kansas City

Liberals, abortion

Why all the surprise, shock, scandal and Democrat panic regarding former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ book? The Obamas, the Clintons and every liberal after John and Robert Kennedy have championed an utter loathing for American soldiers, regarding them as merely expendable, political pawns.

It’s identical to the strict abortion stance that President Barack Obama supported when he was a lawmaker. Same people, same practice, same tenet of the liberal religion.

Liberals — on the verge of being irretrievably separate from the human species.

Len Stephens

Maryville, Mo.

Focus on science

The age of great American innovation in the fields of science, math and engineering is dying, and no one seems to care.

Yes, the United States put the first man on the moon and recently landed a rover on Mars, but we have to see those times are ending. Other countries are catching up, and jobs are moving overseas.

The deterioration of American primacy in all areas directly correlates to our ability to innovate.

Our government has abandoned many scientific pursuits to finance other endeavors. What the government and Americans must realize is that the second we no longer innovate and push the barriers of science and engineering is the second our economy stagnates.

The great science boom of the 1960s carried our nation far into the spotlight, but we have abandoned those ways.

The key to America’s future is its children. They carry the flame to put America back on track.

So instead of wasting our time on issues like Obamacare, let’s do something worthwhile like pushing America in the correct direction by training our kids in the areas of science, math and engineering.

Lucas Peterson


Health cost mysteries

The United States has the best health care system in the world with the best-trained professionals and equipment. But it also has the most complicated payer practices.

When you go for a service, do you ask for an estimate and what your portion will be? Probably not, but if you did, you normally get the basic answer, “It depends on your coverage.”

An exception is if you are having a procedure that is not covered by insurance. You ask for and get an estimate because of the competitive nature of those procedures.

How many other purchases would you make without knowing the costs? None.

Health care has always had this mysterious financial side that no one really asks about.

If health care is to become competitive and low-cost, doesn’t it make sense to find a way to list the costs of services so patients can see them?

When people can see what the costs are going to be, they can make an informed decision on where to receive health care services.

Gene Zwolinski


Benghazi cover-up

What bothers me most about Benghazi beside the cover-up and “what does it really matter” statement by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the issue of military intervention being ignored.

It was reported that our military response team was told to “stand down” and not given a green light to try for the rescue.

Technically, that order constitutes desertion and cowardice in the face of the enemy. Although it would have taken two hours for the team to arrive on site, air coverage was possible within a shorter period.

Lives could have been saved and the site secured for collection of evidence, and the message would have been crystal clear to our enemies and allies: no man left behind, a significant morale boost to those in our military and diplomatic service.

Ambassador Christopher Stevens lost his life. One more point. By the time the FBI investigative team arrived on site more than a week later, funny thing, no conclusive evidence remained. Interesting.

Charley Green

Overland Park

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