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Maryville case, GOP convention tab, Gov. Sam Brownback

Updated: 2014-01-11T04:24:53Z

Pass on justice

So, after an international outcry and a special prosecutor, the big man on campus of Maryville High School gets a slap on the hand for dumping his prey unconscious in her front yard in the middle of the night, in 21-degree weather.

If she had frozen to death, would he have had to actually spend the 120 days in jail?

Steve Johnston


GOP convention tab

A Jan. 6 letter writer took the GOP to task for the $50 million it might cost if the Republican National Convention comes to Kansas City. The implication was that the GOP is the only party that does this.

Regardless of whether the implication was made out of ignorance or dishonesty, I’d like to set the record straight. Both parties request money for their conventions.

I agree the money would be better spent elsewhere — perhaps by reducing the national debt, which has grown so dramatically under President Barack Obama.

The writer also accused the GOP of being the “do-nothing” party. Perhaps he has forgotten that the Democrats weren’t able to pass a budget even when they controlled both houses of Congress and the White House.

Mary Goodwin


Oust Brownback

Gov. Sam Brownback’s experiments don’t appear to me to be the right direction for Kansas. He promoted an increase in state sales taxes for everyone and then initiated cuts in state income-tax rates but only for those with higher incomes. How is this beneficial to the average Kansan?

Now we have revenue shortfalls because of this experiment, which has led to forced cuts in spending for school aid, colleges and state universities. Like most Kansans, I believe that funding for education should be increased or, at the very least, stay the same.

Some social services for disabled residents have also been cut or questionably privatized. Again, these services should be increased or at least stay the same. It’s no big surprise that Brownback’s approval ratings have plunged since he took office. I’m real sorry we have to wait another year to vote for his removal from office.

Nancy McDowell

Overland Park

Kansas and taxes

Kansas legislators are either trying to make Kansas the eighth state that does not have income taxes or are moving to make Kansas the third state that has very limited income taxes. Either way, nine other states have significantly reduced the tax burden on their citizens.

The move by the Kansas Legislature to lower taxes is neither experimental nor extreme. The question is, Which is more just: people keeping the money they make from their work and their ideas to use as they see best or other people taking the money to use as they see fit?

Myle Salmon


Tax robots as people

I have been reading about the number of jobs replaced by robots in the manufacturing and service industries. This leaves a large number of people with no jobs, often too old to retrain for placement into other industries and, for all practical purposes, left to sustain themselves through any means possible once their unemployment benefits run out.

To exacerbate the situation, our representatives have not seen fit to extend or increase the food-stamp program or adjust the poverty-level guidelines to accommodate lower-income families with enough nourishment or even insurance to sustain any level of security or hope.

Perhaps it is time, because the courts have stated that corporations are people, that we go before the courts and have robots declared persons. After all, they replace people.

Have the robots pay taxes equal to the persons they replaced. If the robot works overtime, that, too, should apply into the equation for taxing purposes.

Val Pfannenstiel


Snow removal angel

First we had freezing rain followed by snow. Then some wonderful person came by and cleared the driveway and even my sidewalk.

Several neighbors got the same “gift.” However, no gift card was left so whoever you were, I’ll say thanks, have a great New Year and may God richly bless you as you have blessed me.

Jean Williams


Let down by Chiefs

The Chiefs are a bad joke.

Richard W. Dahms

Country Club, Mo.

Dear Clark Hunt

I would like to thank you for the wonderful personnel and talent you have brought to the Kansas City Chiefs this year and for the hard work of the coaches and players who resulted in the tremendous turnaround in our team.

I am proud to be a Chiefs fan. I am 67 years old and have never seen a better playoff game than the one the Chiefs played this year. Granted, it would have been even better if the Chiefs had won.

I have been a Chiefs fan from the beginning and will continue to be a Chiefs fan no matter what the outcome at the end of the season. I hope my letter will offset the negative responses, and I hope you and the Chiefs’ personnel continue the good work displayed this year.

Kenda Smith

Lee’s Summit

Government workers

You hear every day that if you want something botched, count on government.

I’ve spent much my life working for the U.S. government, either in the military or as an air-traffic controller. What I’ve seen is that government employees are really good. I’ve noticed on occasion there is bad management.

I will lay odds that the percentage of slackers in government is close to that of the private sector. I’d also guess that the percentage of bad managers in government is close to that of the private sector.

The saying that everything starts at the top and dribbles down is fairly accurate. If the top is arrogant, greedy and self-absorbed, then the odds of hiring a person of this nature for a management position are good.

Bad managers tend to hire bad managers. Most have few people skills and no temperament worth a darn.

If you look at companies that excel, you’ll see good management with a solid workforce and a great product that is reliable and sells at a fair price. You’ll see little turnover, with employees who care and are satisfied.

It doesn’t take a college degree to figure this out.

Leslie Christians


Rename Democrats

With all of the political correctness being emphasized, the liberals are on the bandwagon to force a name change of the Washington Redskins. Why not be honest enough to change the name of the Democratic Party to what it actually is — New Progressive Communist Party.

Terry Love


New Year changes

My prayer at night and my resolution every New Year’s Eve is to be a better person.

Other resolutions are to:

• Quit taking God’s name in vain.

• Put a lid on my comebacks.

• Walk again.

• Continue reading and writing.

• Publish more letters.

Ronnell B. Townsend


Strangers’ help

My husband and I last month checked out early from the Grand Treehouse Resort in Eureka Springs, Ark., to return to Kansas City. It was cold and cloudy.

On the way down the mountain, I hit black ice. The car slid.

We were fine. We made it to a store, where we waited for the temperature to rise. We met a couple from Raymore. The road was closed in both directions from wrecks.

An 18-wheeler had crashed on a bridge, and seven cars were off the road. Even after the roads were clear, I was still trembling.

I had asked the couple from Raymore their names, but I couldn’t remember because I was so shaken. When it was time to come down the mountain, they offered to lead us.

They took every turn extra slow and every hill extra careful, always waiting to make sure I hadn’t gone off the mountain. When we got to Carthage, Mo., I pulled off to gas up and never saw them again.

I owe them the biggest thank you. It was an act of kindness I’ll never forget.

Rita Padilla Smith

Kansas City

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