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Term limits, guns, Boeing’s deal

Updated: 2014-01-08T00:23:33Z

Tough term limits

If citizens knew the details of corruption in the U.S. Senate and House, passing a voter-inspired movement to limit the terms would be easy.

David A. Stockman, President Ronald Reagan’s budget director, suggested major changes to term limits and new election rules for senior officials in our government. His proposal envisioned amendments to the Constitution that would give the president and members of Congress a six-year term with no re-election possible.

Other changes mentioned included 100 percent public financing for candidates, strictly limiting the duration of campaigns (say, to eight weeks) and prohibiting for life all lobbying by anyone who has been on legislative or executive payrolls.

There is a definite need for our elected officials to represent the people, not just corporations and their lobbyists.

Victor O. Dewey

Kansas City

Health care control

Searching for a title for the ongoing disaster that is President Barack Obama’s attempt to control the nation’s health care? How about calling it an “overdose.”

It is an overdose of government regulation that had a growing number of victims (at least several million) without health insurance going into the new year. They are chronically ill or cancer patients facing possible death and no way to retrieve their coverage.

There is a lack of concern for these unfortunates by the administration. It is a definite indication that health care was never the objective of the Obama camp, which seeks only to control the activity of about one-sixth of the U.S. economy on the way to the rest.

Complete socialism.

William H. Finnegan


Boeing’s big deal

Here’s another example of big business using its power and money to acquire what it really wanted, which were concessions from the machinists union (1-5, A2, “Union OK’s Boeing deal”).

In November 2013, the union rejected numerous concessions in its new contract. Then 22 states offered billions of dollars in subsidies to woo Boeing. All this to create much-needed jobs in those states.

Then this month the machinists union voted on another contract. Would Boeing move the jobs to another state or do we take concessions and secure jobs? Of course, Boeing won.

Boeing received billions of dollars in subsidies from Washington state plus had union members take concessions on their eight-year contract extension.

What happened to companies and workers being on a more even platform? They do not exist without each other.

Will there ever be a stop to big business being given billions of dollars by states and workers. How much money is enough?

Deborah Walton


Missouri legislature

Maybe some fine day, lobbyists will get real jobs and our legislators can focus on serving the electorate instead of arguing about how much bribery is too much bribery (1-5, A1, “The no-limit legislature”).

Gerry Leonard


KC defense benched

One question please: Why didn’t the Chiefs’ defense play in the second half of the playoff game (1-5, A1, “Another chapter in KC playoff misery”)?

Forever a diehard Chiefs and Royals fan.

Marj Teter

Warrensburg, Mo.

Support youth boxing

For the same reason that insurance companies will cover the total cost of proven preventative health procedures, so should the Kansas City, Kan., police department make a financial commitment to Detective Greg Conchola’s Police Athletic League program (1-3, A1, “Boxing program is a hit”).

Mary Sanchez’s story shines the spotlight on a selfless and compassionate police officer who knows from on-the-street experience that keeping kids active, engaged and healthy is an investment that has a huge return by saving lives. The excuse of having an interim police chief is inexcusable. After all, Ellen Hanson oversaw amazing progress when she ran the Lenexa Police Department.

Her hands should not be tied as Kansas City, Kan., interim police chief in making a relatively low-cost budget decision in this situation.

If ever there was an opportunity to make Kansas City, Kan., safer, this is it.

Cliff Schiappa

Kansas City

Nicastro must go

I agree with the Dec. 29 editorial, “Fix state law to help Kansas City district serve students.”

I would add the following recommendations on how to fix this ongoing debacle: Remove ethically challenged Missouri Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro from her position immediately. Remove the members of the State Board of Education who have consistently proved incapable of independent judgment. Revise the functions of the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education using recommendations from reputable sources.

Nicastro and her gang of sycophants have done irreparable damage and do not deserve any support from any quarter. They need to be removed before they do any further harm to more children, families, schools, neighborhoods and communities.

They need to be thoroughly investigated by an unimpeachable task force, and the sooner the better.

Linda D. Roberts, Ph.D.


NRA: How dare you?

How dare you stand without a word

When shootings are in view?

You pretend not to see, your ears have not heard

For they have nothing to do with you!

How dare you say that every soul

Has a “right” to carry arms?

How dare you say that that’s your goal

And not listen to the alarms?

How dare you say gun shows can sell

With no background checks to see

If the buyer is not mentally well

Or has criminal history?

Let every soul that dies these years

By the careless use of your “toys”

Their cries ring loudly in your ears

Till you act like men not boys!

Ruth Biggs


ATM holdup

On my birthday, I took cash from a savings account and traveled to my bank to deposit it my checking account. I went through the ATM and placed my cash in the receiving box when it opened.

When it shut the machine down, it flashed hardware error, and Diebold was notified. I went into the lobby and was told the bank had five business days to resolve my claim and I would hear from it.

I waited for the Diebold man, who came about an hour later, and even though he took out the money and placed it in the vault, as was protocol, I am not able to get my cash for up to five business days.

Why does the bank and Diebold do this? Because they can. Even though the ATM sign says the bank’s name, the bank inside “has no oversight for the ATM.” Again the consumer is the victim.

I just want to know who is collecting the interest on all the held cash and other deposits that have cleared but can be held by the bank for five to eight business days.

Helen Pinkston

Kansas City

Homeless problem

Everyone cries about the homeless, saying they have to go, make them go to shelters or they wouldn’t be here if they could work.

First, the true homeless — not the homeless people who get checks each month, but real homeless people — have nowhere to go. As for shelters, there are thousands of homeless people, and the number is growing.

The city took away the day-worker jobs, which was a way for them to earn the money to leave. If the city wanted to get rid of the homeless people, it missed its chance when it took away their ability to make the money to leave.

Timothy Murray

Kansas City

Kindness returned

I would like to say a big thank you to the gentleman who paid our bill at the IHOP in Shawnee on a recent morning. There were 10 of us, and we want you to know we will certainly pay it forward. In fact, a couple of us paid for other diners before we left.

Dolores Spini

Roeland Park

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