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Same-sex marriage, KCI, Obamacare

Updated: 2014-01-04T01:14:32Z

Same-sex marriage

On the issue of same-sex marriage, I think many states are denying homosexuals their human right to marry those of the same gender as consenting adults. It is against everything we as a nation have progressed toward.

I recommend that the government take this beyond the states and make the move to amend the U.S. Constitution, redefining marriage as that between two consenting adults.

Gays in America are facing the same prejudices that blacks faced years ago. Now we look back and think how absurd the idea of racial inferiority was.

I hope that one day we will look back on the topic of same-sex marriage and realize how ridiculous it was that these people were denied their rights.

Lexy Harris


Keep U.S. great

Last year was a hard year for most of us. It included health-care changes, wars, unemployment, the economy, drought, floods and forest fires.

We wonder sometimes whether America will remain a world power.

Most of our ancestors came to this country hoping for a better life. People are still coming here for the same reason because they believe in this country’s future. We are a resilient, stubborn bunch, every one of us, or we wouldn’t be living here.

We need to stop pretending to be the world’s policemen and take on the role of a helpful brother. We have much to learn from other nations, and many still look to us for leadership. If we founder, so will they. Let’s put aside political differences and compromise for world good.

I’m not trying to blow sunshine up anyone’s insulated bloomers. It’s time to quit bickering and get on with the job of running the country. Doing otherwise will result in international disaster. Together, we can do it.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Changing times are always difficult. Keep faith in each other as Americans and also as human beings.

We may disagree on many things, but we can work it out.

Thomas E. Dodson

Kansas City

Flaw in election

I think our nation has an issue of indirect elections. We vote for a president, but indirectly; we actually vote for electors in the Electoral College who make the decision they think is best.

For example, in the 2000 election, the popular vote was won by Al Gore, but because of the Electoral College, George W. Bush took the election. That was not what a majority of the people wanted.

It is what a few people believe is better for us. In the past this was a good idea because the people could not get information about their candidates.

In today’s world we have multiple ways to gain information about the elections, candidates and issues, making the people more informed and more suitable to make choices.

I think our country needs a more direct form of voting so the people are actually heard.

Michelle McNichols


Volunteer option

Regarding Vanessa Waters’ Jan. 1 column, “The problem with being a ‘Gen-Y’er today,” complaining about not being able to secure a teaching job, might I suggest volunteering in a classroom as a way to show kids how “freaking awesome literature is or how much power they have through student journalism.”

This might help potential employers see her love and dedication to her chosen profession. It certainly would be more proactive and less whiny than being satisfied with “binge-watching ‘The Walking Dead.’ 

Joy Cota

Kansas City

KCI improvements

We may be getting a new airport terminal whether we want it or not. The closing of Terminal A is step two, accompanied by the lack of adequate maintenance on Terminals B and C.

It is designed to force all the frequent business travelers to stop fighting to save the safest, most hassle-free airport. Notice how the concourses, gate areas and restrooms appear to not be maintained as well.

The FBI and security personnel have stated that our distributed security checkpoints are safer against terrorists.

Business travelers represent a large portion of the traffic through Kansas City International Airport, and they want a hassle-free experience from curb to plane seat and vice versa.

The new Sacramento and Indianapolis airports are a big hassle. My last trip through Indianapolis took 52 minutes from curb to gate.

Now the people behind this absurd new KCI plan may cause more airlines to drop more flights and charge higher ticket prices.

The city should lower costs to the airlines and fees on tickets while trying to put a hub in KCI.

George N. Benjamin


No to streetcar

In no way would a streetcar alongside Brookside Boulevard or the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority’s Trolley Trail be anything but a huge mistake. Our city buses work.

This is a neighborhood, not an urban core.

It is my understanding that the Brookside Interceptor part of the stormwater/sewer project will be run in the existing path of the Trolley Trail. Many trees are slated to be worked around rather than for removal.

Admirable but very tricky. Soil compaction, big machine, fossil fuels, root trenching.

Let’s all get involved in saving some green space. We do not need to add a streetcar line to this mix.

Karen Cox

Kansas City

Define compromise

Washington, D.C., Democrats are in a breathless frenzy. I can remember when every Democrat voted for the president’s health plan.

They did not need to read the monstrosity of a plan. Then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told them to pass it first.

Vice President Joe Biden told the president it was a big deal. And, when those meddling Republicans fought to delay or repeal it, the Democrats would not negotiate.

The Democrats and Republicans need to put on their big-boy pants. They need to make a pact to stay off cable news, off Twitter, off social media.

Work quietly, stay in the background, stop grandstanding. Democrats and Republicans need to keep using the word “compromise” incessantly.

Look it up in the dictionary. Just do it.

Fran Burkhart

Cleveland, Mo.

Obamacare fallout

Supporters of Obamacare continue to argue that it is the same as Romneycare in Massachusetts.

If true, they need to look at the study done by the Beacon Hill Institute titled “The Economic Effects of Massachusetts Health Care Reform.”

It concluded that Romneycare has driven up health-care costs in Massachusetts and cost the state thousands of jobs in a one-year period.

Multiply that nationwide, and it does not bode well for Obamacare.

Reggie Giffin

Kansas City

Analog listening

I very much enjoyed the Jan. 2 story, “Needles and spins,” on vinyl records.

The 20-somethings listening to these albums were talking about the sound quality and how much better it was, especially when played on the correct equipment.

Young people, who usually have better hearing and listen very carefully to music, hear a crisper sound, especially in the high end of the hearing spectrum.

Analog is the main reason vinyl sounds better than compact discs. CDs are digital.

We were born with ears that process analog.

A digital recording enters the picture right in the middle of all that, chops up the signal and tries to put it back together, which it does very well, almost perfectly, but not quite.

It is like taking a very clean wine glass, breaking it into a thousand pieces, gluing every piece back to re-form the wine glass but with tiny cracks.

It’s still a wine glass, but it isn’t the same and not as pretty.

I wanted to shed some light for these new listeners on why things sound so good.

Michael Bayne

Overland Park

Kindness sandwich

Many thanks to the couple who anonymously treated us to lunch at Planet Sub at 95th Street and Mission Road.

Your act of kindness has inspired us to pass it forward.

Penny and Vernon Shand

Kansas City

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