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Letters to the Editor

Updated: 2013-12-31T05:14:11Z

Postal Service cheers

As I waited in my car for a friend to come out of the house and get into my vehicle, I watched a letter carrier delivering mail in 23-degree weather. Luckily it was sunny with only a mild breeze.

The neighborhood is on a hill, and I watched him go up about 20 steps to each house and back down 20 steps, walk over to the next house, up another 20 steps and back down those steps all the way up the street as far as I could see. I never gave much thought about what they do, but I have a new-found respect for those who enable us to have our mail delivered to our door six days a week. I have always appreciated our postal carriers, but now I appreciate them all the more.

Thanks, post office employees.

Karen Snelling

Kansas City

Controlling capitalism

Capitalism, of course, doesn’t work. Unless, by “work,” you mean concentrating most of the wealth of the country in the hands of the top one-tenth of 1 percent.

Even Karl Marx understood this, although you can argue with his prescription. Beginning with the Industrial Revolution, there have been huge cracks in the walls of capitalism that had to be repaired.

Antitrust, anti-monopoly rulings, child labor laws, minimum wage, certification of unions and their rulings have helped. Allowing money to be concentrated only leads to abuse.

Without the minimum wage can you imagine what the wages would be at Wal-Mart? At best, capitalism has worked only because of government regulations that rein in the rather draconian aspects of greed.

Capitalism, like nuclear power, has to be harnessed. In our country, government has to have the hands on the reins.

Government is the voice of the American people. Republican attacks on government are like the siren calls that almost landed Jason and his Argonauts on the rocks. They are not to be listened to.

John Chapman


Costly streetcars

Kansas City has finalized the purchase of four new streetcars for a whopping $17.9 million. That's about $4.5 million per streetcar.

I wonder, are these things nuclear-powered?

Bruce Erickson

Lee's Summit

Obama mistake

Last year President Barack Obama made this outrageous statement: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

The absurdity in that statement is that he actually believes the “somebody else” is the government. Convince the people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of this country that government created the Mac, iPad and computer software.

Obama’s philosophy springs from the brain of an extreme left liberal who believes the state to be the font of entrepreneurial success because it created the infrastructure of which we all survive. The last time I checked, Rome had the Appian Way, viaducts and sewers. They’re not liberal inventions.

Obama's new liberalism is all about redistributionist taxation, transfer payments, ever-expanding entitlements, tax breaks and subsidies for cronies, welfare without work and entitlement by decree. The individual is an orphan of the state connected to the government teat from birth to death.

Conservative limited government avoids national insolvency and breeding of debilitating individual dependency. It celebrates character, independence, energy and hard work as the foundation of a free society and thriving economy, all of which Obama discounts and devalues.

God help us all if Obama should come back disguised in a pantsuit in 2016.

Scot Ewing

Blue Springs

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