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Updated: 2013-10-09T12:52:24Z

Republican flimflam

We were told Republicans wanted to stop the spending. It is costing America millions of dollars to keep the government shut down.

Thank you, Sen. Ted Cruz, House Speaker John Boehner, Sen. Roy Blunt, Sen. Pat Roberts, Rep. Eric Cantor, Rush Limbaugh, the GOP leaders and all the Republicans who voted for this. The rule of law rules, period.

The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. What eight presidents tried to do only President Barack Obama made happen.

All who voted for the shutdown will pay for it in the 2014, 2016 and 2020 elections. In trying to hurt the president they hurt many Americans who were already hurting.

I hope the Republican Party is happy because we the voters are not. Congress gets a paycheck, and we get the pink slips from the people we voted into office.

Florentino Camacho Jr.

Kansas City

Hybrid problems

I highly recommend a hybrid car for wealthy collectors. Others should think twice before buying one.

In about 10 years, the junk yards will be brimming with hybrid cars all needing multithousand-dollar battery packs. The break-even time for most hybrids is between 10 to 20 years.

It’s definitely not a car for anyone with limited resources, but rather a curiosity for those who can afford it. Perhaps, in time, an affordable battery pack will become available.

But for now, no such battery pack exists. If you want to save on gasoline, simply buy a smaller car, which will out save the hybrid in a short time.

If you should buy a hybrid, be sure it’s a plug-in hybrid so you can brag its electricity is 40 percent from coal. My apologies to Al Gore and his merry band of greenies for exposing this sometimes misunderstood fact.

Bob Patterson

Lee's Summit

Obama’s mistakes

In the 2012 presidential debates, President Barack Obama said that Republicans introduced the sequester bill and that Arizona's immigration law allowed police to stop Hispanics and ask for papers. In an interview with Mexico's Univision, Obama blamed the “Fast and Furious” (guns to Mexican drug cartels) program on the Bush administration. All the statements were false.

For four years, Obama blamed former President George W. Bush for our economic problems, even though the 2008 recession ended in June 2009.

After accepting that “Fast and Furious” was not a Bush program, rogue agents in Arizona were blamed. Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have now settled on an executive privilege defense.

When Internal Revenue Service abuse of tea party entities became known, rogue officials in Cincinnati were blamed. Then directives from the IRS national office surfaced.

The murder of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, was initially blamed on a (rogue) California filmmaker and peaceful demonstrators. However, the demonstrators came armed with rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and automatic weapons.

Both Holder and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton contended that they did not see critical memos/cables that came to their offices. Obama said he gets pertinent information from the news reports.

Jim Kilen

Kansas City

Lies on Obamacare

For the 41st time, the GOP-led House has sent a bill to the Senate – trying to repeal Obamacare. Months before the Affordable Care Act was in its final form and presented to Congress, Obamacare was blamed for higher insurance premiums, higher drug costs and other problems.

Fear-mongering rumors based on lies about Obamacare filled the Internet. Rep. Ted Cruz says the American people don’t want Obamacare.

My observation is the American people have literally been so brainwashed by this outrageous negative bombardment that they can't see through the verbal fog. If you think about it, opponents had to come up with the name Obamacare because it would be really difficult to be as negative and deceitful about the Affordable Care Act, wouldn't it?

As for the topic of forced enrollment — if that's such a problem, why isn't anyone yelling about forcing seniors to enroll in Medicare Part D? Could it be just a difference in presidents?

Surely not. These are some things to think about when you go to the polls to elect your next representatives and senators in Congress. Check out the number of bills presented or acted upon, and then check the number of bills passed.

Carolyn Lee


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