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Regressive tax, guns, Republicans

Updated: 2013-09-13T03:47:26Z

Regressive tax

According to The Star on Sept. 5, “Big offer, with a big ‘if,’” if the half-cent medical research sales tax passes, some parts of Jackson County will have a sales tax of more than 10 percent.

In addition, the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance would like to pass a one-cent sales tax for commuter rail, and Blue Springs has a proposed half-cent sales-tax increase for parks on the November ballot.

Does anyone doubt that it won’t take many years before the sales tax everywhere in the county will be in the 12 percent to 15 percent range?

In a county with so many poor and lower- to middle-class people, why would we just keep raising such a regressive tax?

Dennis Bahrenburg

Blue Springs

Liberal gun laws

The Stand Your Ground laws stink so much that they should be called the Hold Your Nose law.

Nancy L. Miller

Prairie Village

Armored vehicle

Just in time for the 150th anniversary of Quantrill’s raid, Lawrence police have purchased an armored vehicle for $152,500. I bet you feel safer already.

Brad Lucht

Kansas City

Congress at fault

What makes anyone think Congress would act any differently toward the victims in Syria than members of Congress did for the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.?

John Goldsmith

Napoleon, Mo.

GOP gone astray

At one point I was a charter member of President Ronald Reagan’s task force. He was my political hero.

Today, witnessing the self-destruction of the GOP, I’m saddened to realize that this great president would in fact shed tears. This celebrated Republican president would not even be considered presidential material by today’s radical-right, do-nothing, no-ideas, government-hating, GOP establishment. This writer no longer recognizes Reagan’s party, and neither would President Ronald Wilson Reagan.

I have a suggestion for responsible Republicans, ex-Republicans, Democrats and independents. Cease wasting energy (audibly or in print) arguing with those too tone deaf to acknowledge and address the country’s needs — other than their own un-American agenda.

Just allow them to foam at the mouth — while wreaking self-inflicted wounds upon their new extreme Republican Party. Remember the old saying, “Give them enough rope .…”

In time, even the most radical Republicans (when they pull their heads out of the sand) will recognize that the hate-filled, self-serving agenda that they now support will come back to haunt them, hurting their family’s wealth and health — as well as all Americans.

William R. Park Sr.


Chiefs fun again

Thank you Kansas City Chiefs players, coaches and organization for bringing the joy of football back to Kansas City (9-9, A1, “Chiefs kick off new era with resounding victory”). Sunday’s game was fun and exciting to watch. This looks to be a very promising year for football. Keep up the great teamwork.

Barbara Reed

Lee’s Summit

Hunting deer

In response to people wanting to protect animals, I sympathize over Ella the deer being killed only because if she were ever present at services it may have been comforting to grieving families.

She had gained a sentimental value of sorts from people who had become emotionally attached to her for whatever reason.

In modern America, I do have to hunt. I don’t like to eat beef pumped with growth hormones at $4 a pound. But to eat organic will cost me even more.

Call me selfish, but I can hunt deer, turkey, rabbit, quail and other game, and my family and I get to eat cleaner, lean healthy meat.

An archery tag costs $19. For that I can get two deer (maybe 180 pounds each) and two turkeys. A firearm tag is $17 for one deer, and $7 for each additional antlerless-only tag. This not only helps my family but all Missourians. We are helping prevent accidents on the highways by hunting.

Isaac Ortiz


U.S. farm bill

Iowa Congressman Steve King, a member of the U.S. House Committee on Agriculture, has added a dangerous provision to the House version of the farm bill.

The provision –— known as the King Amendment — could result in the elimination of important state legislation in the areas of animal welfare, environmental protection and food safety.

In short, if this amendment passes, states would be stripped of the ability to set their own agricultural laws. Fortunately, the Senate version of the bill does not include this language.

It is my hope that Sen. Pat Roberts, who is to serve on the conference committee that creates the final bill, will protect our state laws by energetically opposing the inclusion of the King Amendment in the final version of the farm bill.

Kelsey Brennaman


Running for cause

In today’s tech-savvy society, obesity rates are climbing higher and higher. Neighborhood children can no longer be seen playing kick the can or tag or building tree houses.

Instead, they have been developing strong fingers that are used to push buttons. Parents, get your children outside.

A great opportunity to get your kids into action is a community 5K event that raises money for important causes. Technology, of course, is also very valuable. Hope for medical solutions to cure diseases is climbing higher and higher.

Parkinson’s research is promising, and the Helen Gold 5K is helping raise funds for the cause.

The race is Saturday in Overland Park. To sign up, it’s as easy as a click of a button by visiting www.helengold5k.com.

Jeff Stebbins

Kansas City

Pitching for KC

Congratulations to Topeka, the Kansas Horseshoe Pitchers Association and the CVB for getting the bid to host the 2015 World Horseshoe Pitching Tournament.

As president of the Missouri Horseshoe Pitchers Association, I have attempted to get this event into Kansas City or the surrounding area.

But apparently the 1,000 to 1,200 entries, not counting family members or the approximately $2 million that they could bring into the local economy, are not enough.

We understand that the Sprint Center and Sporting Kansas City bring all the professional events to town. But what about amateur sporting events?

The association could not get any support from the Kansas City area. Because we are a nonprofit organization, the support from the city, hotels, restaurants, etc. is very important. Why can’t we get that?

Missouri has the second-largest number of adult members and the largest number (150) of junior pitchers in the United States. Three Missourians won first place in their classes in this year’s World Tournament.

This tournament in Topeka could potentially be the largest ever because it will be in centrally located. I wish it could have been in Kansas City.

Sharon Taylor


Missouri Horseshoe

Pitchers Association

Kansas City

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