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Postal apologies, KCK politics, Northland Democrats

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Postal apologies

I’m writing in response to the Aug. 7 letter on postal customer service.

As your readers are aware, the U.S. Postal Service continues to take steps to better align our workforce and facilities with a declining workload.

However, despite these changes, it’s imperative that our employees provide the best possible service to every customer. The overwhelming majority of our employees do just that.

I want to apologize to the Aug. 7 letter writer for her recent Postal Service experience being less than satisfactory.

When a USPS retail transaction falls short of a customer’s expectations, I encourage the customer to contact the postmaster.

The Postal Service has been named the most trusted government agency for seven years and the fourth-most trusted business in the nation by the Ponemon Institute. And we’ll continue to work to earn the trust that millions of customers have placed in us.

Deborah Woodrum

Kansas City Postmaster

U.S. Postal Service

Kansas City

Politics in KCK

Perhaps the members of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan., board of commissioners should consider running for Congress. They’d fit right in.

Mary Anne White

Bonner Springs

Northland Democrats

The Democratic Party of Clay and Platte counties is losing elections year after year. The Democrats are not competing successfully with the invigorated Republican Party. Democratic Party leadership persons are older and have been sitting in place for years, while Republican Central Committee members are active and youthful.

Wise up, Democrats; dump the leadership.

Think of this: The Democratic Party of Clay and Platte counties must elect younger chairpersons/leadership and limit terms of elected party leaders to six years. But voting in new leadership will not be easy. Our Democratic Party officeholders believe they own their offices and have heaven’s endorsement.

Charles Myers

Kansas City

Skewed priorities

My problem with Kansas City’s spending is what it ignores and what the wasted money is doing. I’m a Smithville resident but have rental property in Kansas City on which I pay taxes.

The house I used to live in is off 107th Street, and there are no sidewalks to speak of on 107th east of Blue Ridge. There are not only houses but also apartments, and the people have to walk in the street, which is only two lanes. Yet the city spent tens of thousands building a sidewalk along Van Brunt Boulevard south of the VA Hospital.

The other day, I actually saw someone walking on it — the first time I’ve seen that.

Wes Jones


Natural-gas buses

Concerning the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority’s two new natural-gas-fueled buses, the buses are painted with a lovely logo about clean air, but the message is reflected in the water after it rains.

Although natural gas might burn cleaner, current recovery processes (fracking) can require up to 10 million gallons of water for each well, according to Harvard Magazine, July-August 2013. This water for fracking contains chemicals that seep into the water table.

Clean air, maybe. But what about the water?

Amrita Burdick

Kansas City

Democratic outrage

Let me see whether I have this straight. Democratic leaders now strongly believe that it is never acceptable, in a public event, to disrespect the president of our great nation (8-12, A4, “Anti-Obama stunt rebuked”).

Really? When did this epiphany come about? Let me guess, as soon as it was one of theirs in office who is being disrespected.

These same patriots were stunningly silent when the Dixie Chicks stood in front of a foreign audience in London and mocked/disrespected then-President George W. Bush. In fact, liberals in the entertainment industry applauded the group’s actions loudly and defended their right to free speech.

It’s funny how this same industry didn't believe Hank Williams Jr. deserved those same rights. I also didn't hear these same protests when Oliver Stone produced his “W” movie, again casting a sitting president in the worst of light.

Now that Democrats’ president is being treated in the same way that they have been treating conservative presidents for years, they have suddenly found a profound respect for the dignity of the office. Too late. I agree that the stunt pulled by the rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair was inappropriate and wrong. I also believe that you indeed reap what you sow.

Dan Galindau

Kansas City

Vote no on tax

Jackson County voters should reject the new medical industry slush fund that civic leaders have proposed (8-8, A1, “Plan for medical research pushed”).

Please do not vote for increasing sales taxes because you think the health-care industry needs financial help. Companines already make plenty of profit by providing medical services at prices consumers in any other developed country would scoff at.

Meanwhile, public libraries, particularly the Kansas City Public Library system, are badly understaffed to keep the budget balanced, provide amazing free services and could actually use $800 million.

Vote no on raising sales taxes until the local elites bring some better ideas down the pipes.

Jacob White

Kansas City

Home schooling

I am a home schooler, and I believe home schooling is a good, professional way to learn.

I am going into the ninth grade and I have been home schooled since first grade, except for my seventh-grade year. In that year, I went to a high-quality private school, where my grades were just as good, if not better than, the other students.

I enjoy home schooling because I learn just as much as I would somewhere else, plus I get to cook my own lunches and choose which hours I want to work.

Overall, I believe that home schooling is good, but it gets harder to do each year. By the time you reach ninth or 10th grade, it becomes nearly impossible because of the student’s attitude. That is why I am attending Blue Valley North High School this fall.

My opinion of home schooling is that it works just as well if not better than public school in a student’s early years. But by the age of 14 or 15, I think it is better for a person to be going to a full-time school.

Matt Miller


Senseless killing

To the person who shot and killed Ella, your actions sicken me (8-6, A1, “City mourns loss of Elmwood Cemetery deer”).

I have never understood the thrill of killing for sport but do believe the majority of hunters obey the laws such as following specific hunting seasons and either eat what they kill or provide the same to shelters or food banks.

You, however, are no hunter. Mean-spirited and heartless is how I would describe you.

You might think killing this deer was no big deal, but according to the article about Ella in The Kansas City Star, you are very wrong. You shot and killed an innocent creature that harmed no one and provided enjoyment and comfort to many in the Kansas City area.

I certainly hope you are not a pet owner. In the end, we are all held accountable for our actions, and you will be no different.

Leslie Myers

Overland Park

Joy of reading

My husband lost his eyesight about 12 years ago. Because he was an avid reader, I worried how he would spend his time.

Then we heard about the National Library program for the blind and disabled. Our state library in Emporia is the contact for Kansas.

We let it know what books he would be interested in. For us, it was science, history and literature. The audio books were sent free of postage.

What a blessing this has been.

My husband spent most of the day every day listening to books. In the evening, we had lectures from The Teaching Co. that we purchased.

With these services, my husband was never bored and was able to learn and use his sharp mind throughout his entire life.

Marion Culp

Kansas City

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