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Pray for LP, handguns, muting TV

Updated: 2013-08-09T19:22:37Z

Praying for LP

As a retired social worker, I become furious when parents who abuse their children blame the Missouri Department of Social Services (8-4, A1, “Starved girl had to have new heart”). It’s worse when family members who are aware of the problem don’t intervene and also blame DSS.

This system is so overloaded and so underfunded, it’s amazing the DSS is able to serve the number of children and families it does. Just sit in the waiting area sometime and count the number of people.

No, I didn’t work for the department but on many occasions worked with it.

Why on earth, if this family knew there was a problem — and it’s obvious it did — did it not reach out to help her (LP or Jacole)?

Stop blaming the system and be thy brother’s (or sister’s) keeper. If family members are unable to be responsible, help them or get them help and follow through.

Remember these words when politicians talk about cutting more Medicaid funding.

Pray that LP gets a good, safe and loving home away from that family.

Beth Hyder

Kansas City

Handguns, liability

For those who carry a handgun, the second-degree murder trial of George Zimmerman should be a lesson. If you shoot someone, there will be consequences and, most likely, a trial.

You will need an attorney and all the expense that comes with that. And, even if you are acquitted, someone may want more.

Richard L. Huff

Overland Park

Benghazi effect

Chalk up another unintended consequence to the relentless and disproportionate badgering over the Benghazi incident. The mostly unwarranted hysteria regarding that tragic loss no doubt was a major factor in the recent decision to close some U.S. embassies in response to a terrorism threat.

I hope the Benghazi critics understand the role they have played in giving comfort to our enemies and emboldening them to further action. We need more of a united front overseas, not a weakened image because of partisan pillorying.

Paul Tyler

Kansas City

Muting television

Closed caption is a real turn-on in restaurants, bars and especially doctor and hospital waiting rooms. The sound is almost always down or off on television sets at these venues.

People stare at the TVs trying to figure out what is going on. Everywhere I go, I ask the people in charge of the remote about this.

Some appreciate the comment; others just stare into space. With hundreds of people turning 60 years of age daily in the Kansas City region, wouldn’t it make sense to have closed caption always turned on.

Bill Coffman

Lee’s Summit

Obama supporters

I have had many discussions with my left-wing friends about President Barack Obama and their support of him. It seems their argument has not changed since he took office in January 2009.

They even still blame former President George W. Bush for Obama’s problems and say he is criticized only because he is black. These arguments have not changed no matter what stupid or tyrannical actions Obama takes.

I really should cease being surprised. After all, King Solomon wrote about people like this 3,000 years ago in Proverbs 26:11: “As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly.”

Joe Lavender


Middle-class pain

As I drive through my middle-class neighborhood, the economy is not looking as if it is getting much better.

Yards look like fields of dandelions. Houses need paint, and driveways are in need of repair.

People used to take pride, but with this economy it is showing that we as a middle class are hurting. Where do these so-called economists get their data?

Wall Street is doing great, as long as the Federal Reserve keeps printing money. And don’t forget, Wall Street put us here. Not one person has gone to jail for this financial mess.

Money talks as the middle class suffers. History will again repeat itself, just as Rome fell because of the same politics

Joe Parizek

Overland Park

Tax-cutting time

Tax cut or not? The dispute simmers.

Why let it simmer? Bring it to a boil, skim off the good part and dump the rest.

Esther Kreek

Overland Park

Twinkies, marketing

It is seeming more and more to me that the demise and rebirth of Hostess Twinkies (and other snack cakes) has been nothing short of an elaborate marketing scheme. What is the big deal?

Does anybody actually like them? I know I have disliked them as long as I can remember because they tasted only like oddly flavored sugar and air.

Darlene Carter


Congressional zealot

Rep. Tim Huelskamp is unbelievable (8-7, A1, “Kansas’ Huelskamp stands up to party”). When he notes that the approval rating of the Congress is 9 percent, he apparently believes himself not to be in the 91 percent. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The approval rating of Congress is at 9 percent precisely because of bullheaded, rigid, fringe ideologues such as Huelskamp. He has shown again and again, both in the Kansas Legislature and in the House of Representatives, that he is willing to damage, or even destroy, our government because he has an exaggerated sense of self-importance and he apparently believes he is on a mission from God.

These are the kind of zealots who have no place in organized government. Their unwillingness to understand, or even comprehend, the difficult issues involving governance for the benefit of the people makes them fit only to join Rush Limbaugh on talk radio or perhaps Fox News.

Richard L. Warrick


Pete Rose, A-Rod

Pete Rose was banned from Major League Baseball for gambling. Alex Rodriguez has lied to MLB about his involvement with performance-enhancing drugs.

So with that being said, why is Rodriguez allowed to negotiate and try to get a lesser sentence and possibly avoid a lifetime ban? Let’s face it, he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and he knows what he did was wrong. But now he is trying his best to stay in the game.

Let’s face reality here. If a player is caught lying about having never used performance-enhancing drugs, he should be banned for life.

A-Rod stated he wants to be a role model for his two daughters. I am curious. Do they know what he is doing?

Mr. Rodriguez, you need to come clean now and face reality. You are guilty as charged. Accept your punishment. It is also the right thing to do.

You’re a disgrace to MLB.

Tony Lordi

Kansas City

Double standards

Isn’t it funny how many of the talking heads attacking the Obama administration over the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, and the lies, cover-up and hiding of documents thereof, the targeting of conservative groups by the Internal Revenue Service and complaining about being attacked for asking tough questions, are the same people who still defend the Bush-Cheney administration for lying us into a war that claimed the lives of thousands of American soldiers?

There also was an unprecedented amount of classified documents, the violating of the Geneva Conventions and the persecution of dissenters. Also remember “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” and “free speech zones”?

Matt Brown

Ionia, Mo.

Drive wisely, safely

I work in the downtown Kansas City area, and I am writing to make a request to all drivers as we make our way each morning and evening to our destinations.

Please stop being difficult. Ramps are closed, detours are blaring on neon signs and construction on the side of the road clearly defines where there might be delays.

Let’s all drive safely and stop trying to cut each other off and making those quick breaks. Let people in when they are trying to change lanes.

We all have to do this, and we all want to get to work and go home. Let’s try to do this wisely and safely.

Megan Travelstead


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