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Crews begin draining Benton County pond as part of search for Hellen Cook

Updated: 2013-08-04T01:04:42Z

Crews on Saturday began draining a Benton County pond where items belonging to Hellen Cook were found late last month.

Cook, a 72-year-old Buckner woman, has been missing since July 13.

About 2:30 p.m. Saturday, three large diesel pumps started to drain the pond, according to Cook’s daughter, Terri Cook.

Five divers had already searched the pond, she said, and found nothing.

The pond was scheduled to be drained so a leaking damn could be repaired. Authorities asked that the pond be drained sooner.

A search party on July 25 found shoes, a scarf and a pair of boots near the pond. A search dog was to be brought in to search the woods on Sunday.

Hellen Cook’s family is hoping that she left her belongings at the pond and got into a vehicle with someone.

Cook has Alzheimer’s disease. Members of her family are trying to spread word of her disappearance across the country on Facebook.

Robert A. Cronkleton,

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