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Kansas man pleads guilty to sex crime while committed in state hospital

Updated: 2013-07-23T01:42:36Z


The Kansas City Star

A Kansas man committed as a sexual predator pleaded guilty to an Internet sex crime that happened while he was confined at the Larned State Hospital.

Mark David Brull, 38, and a co-defendant who also pleaded guilty found a way to victimize a 14-year-old boy in Massachusetts even though Brull was involuntarily committed to the state hospital in 1999 under the Kansas Sexually Violent Predator Act.

Brull pleaded guilty to one count of the transfer of obscene materials to a minor.

According to court documents, Brull did not have access to the Internet at the state hospital, but he was able to use a phone in a common area to call a service that allowed him to create an email with a voice recording attachment, which could then be sent to the victim.

Brull became friends with Ryan J. Dancosse, 40, of Wichita, and gave him passwords to Brull’s profiles on social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. Dancosse uploaded pornographic images to Brull’s accounts.

The two men began communicating with the victim in April 2011. Brull communicated with the boy by telephone and email and guided him to the pornographic images on his profiles. Brull and the victim then discussed the images. The victim also sent lewd pictures of himself, which Dancosse then described to Brull.

At one point Brull tried to have the charges against him dismissed on the grounds that, because he was judged to be a sexual predator, the state should have expected him to commit further offenses. The security measures at the state hospital were insufficient to prevent this, he argued.

Brull also indicated he planned to pursue an insanity defense. Brull was convicted in 1997 of indecent solicitation of a child in Topeka.

Both Brull and Dancosse are scheduled to be sentenced in October in the federal case. Brull’s plea recommends 10 years in federal prison. Dancosse could get five to 20 years for receiving child pornography.

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