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Letters — The climate change myth?

Updated: 2013-07-02T20:26:08Z

Shaming Kansas

I listened to Congressman, Tim Huelskamp on “Meet the Press” on Sunday. It made me ashamed to be from Kansas.

Phil Langley


Climate change myth

I had to chuckle at The Star’s July 29 editorial, “Finally, Obama leads on climate change,” about President Barack Obama (finally) leading on climate change and your statement concerning the Republicans: “Many members refuse to even accept the overwhelming scientific proof that climate change exists.”

Overwhelming scientific proof? Which climate change are we to believe?

The 1970s “scientific proof” that our world was going into an eventual Ice Age? Or maybe it's the 1990s, Al Gore's “scientific proof” that we are doomed to global warming?

Instead, we end up with the “catch-all scientific proof” of climate change. Science is science.

Consensus is not science. There is no “overwhelming scientific proof” that climate change exists.

There are, however, an abundance of lies and made up facts from the left concerning this issue.

Terry Kliethermes


Beauty of KCI

We just returned from south Florida via Atlanta by air. On some days, Kansas City International Airport might compare somewhat to those other airports.

Some days, but thankfully not all days. A friend, acquaintance, or family can still meet arrivals here easily.

A grandchild can meet a grandparent easily here. Doing that can also be done at other airports, although I doubt with the ease and lack of stress incurred here?

If the future of travel is what I see taking place in most other airports scattered across the country, I am not looking forward to that future rushing into our area soon. We could do a lot to make moving around KCI easier without a complete rebuilding.

This airport may not be user friendly for those travelers making connections, however, we should be thinking more about how it works for Kansas Citians anyway. It is like having a good place to go fishing.

When you tell everyone about your perfect spot, soon it is not so perfect anymore.

Tom Spath


Gun control laws

Law abiding gun owners should not have to suffer unduly for the actions of criminals. I firmly believe this.

I also believe criminals should have as many legal roadblocks as possible, if only so that when they come to court, we can build extensive cases against them and increase the possibility that they will be charged.

This is why I support background checks and the closing of loopholes. Lawful gun owners have nothing to fear.

Their background checks should clear easily. Criminals, however, will be forced to get their guns illegally. We can legally punish them for that.

I also think gun owners should be tested on gun proficiency and given licenses similar to driver's licenses. These licenses would probably only be pulled out in cases of tragedy.

If your gun is never used in a questionable way, you should never need a license. And I just believe lawful gun owners should know how to clean, store, and operate their weapons.

Currently, law-abiding citizens are held accountable for the actions of criminals because of unclear laws, all gun owners start to look the same. We can change that.

Madison Holcomb


Back 2nd Amendment

I am writing because I believe that the Second Amendment needs to be supported. It reads, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The states OK’d it, and it is in our Constitution.

A militia is an army or other force composed of nonprofessional fighters yet militarily discipline. In 18th century America, “well regulated” meant that its members were subject to various requirements such as training and engaging in military exercises away from home.

It means that those bearing arms are known, that there is a purpose of national security involved, and that regular ongoing training was part of belonging to the militia, which is a voluntary organization.

We have to know who has the guns, and the members are regularly trained. That sure seems to fit what the Second Amendment says.

Let’s set up the list and start the training. Then we will be in compliance with the Second Amendment.

Shaun Q. McMahon


Christian faith, gays

It seems to me, that those who consider themselves “Christian,” attend the church of their choice and sing the praises of being a Christian can't have it both ways.

• They believe that God is perfect and that all his works are perfect.

• If Christians truly believe that, then why do they find fault with one of his creations — a gay man or woman?

•  Who will be the first pastor to announce from the pulpit, that there has been a “new awakening in the Christian faith!”

Until that happens, I submit that those who find such pleasure in demeaning the gay population, should re-examine their Chrisitain faith and the God whose tenets they profess to follow.

Warren Thomas

Overland Park

Dignity missing

Recently the Jackson County tax assessor had a major debacle in the valuation of property. Yet no one died as a result of this.

The assessor had the honor to resign. The current presidential administration is responsible for four deaths in Benghazi and numerous deaths in Mexico, yet no one has even hinted at resigning from office.

Residents of Jackson County should be proud. You had a tax assessor with a much greater conscience than our president, secretary of state and attorney general combined.

Joe Lavender


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