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Mayor Sly James, gasoline prices, Kansas

Updated: 2013-05-18T00:16:27Z

Special treatment

This is regarding the May 8 article “Police: Waiving fee is routine,” involving Mayor Sly James’ son, Kyle, whose car was towed from in front of his house for having expired tags and warrants. They paid for all the warrants except one, totaling $722.50, but were still able to get the car out without paying the towing charge or storage-lot fee.

Did the mayor receive special treatment? He may not have asked for it, but he received it.

I purchased a car from a friend on a Sunday afternoon recently. Within 36 hours, I woke up to find a police officer parked behind my car.

When I asked what was wrong, she rudely told me she was towing it because of expired tags and warrants. I immediately called the person I bought the car from, and he went to the courthouse to find there were no warrants out on him or his car.

I didn’t even have a chance to drive the car, get current tags or even get insurance on it, and I had no parking tickets, warrants or violations. The police officer was very rude and unprofessional, not even listening to what I had to say.

All she said was, “It’s not my problem.”

So where’s the justice, and whom do I turn to, to get my $290 refunded to me for the tow and storage-lot charges?

David Phillips

Kansas City

Stealing freedoms

The Associated Press has learned the ultimate lesson in politics (5-15, A13, “Holder backs AP phone subpoena”). If the government has the power to give, it has the power to take away.

The rest of the mainstream media should take heed.

John Maier

Manhattan, Kan.

Steve Rose column

I disagree with Steve Rose (5-12, Commentary, “You don’t want the Koch brothers in the media”). I would love to see the Kochs acquire a newspaper chain.

Libertarianism, otherwise known as the freedom philosophy, started in the 1950s. However, other than the Internet and a few colleges, it is barely known or understood.

As an example, Mr. Rose refers to Americans for Prosperity as some sort of dangerous organization. Members are fiscal conservatives who want economic freedom. What is so terrible about that?

Libertarians add social freedom to economic freedom. Libertarians advocate spontaneous cooperation, as opposed to modern conservatives, liberals and moderates, who want controlled actions. Apparently liberals, conservatives and moderates have a much darker view of people than libertarians do.

So why do libertarians have such limited visibility? Because the regular media continue to support conventional ideas that governments should play a major role in people’s lives and exclude people who significantly differ from that belief set.

If the Kochs could own a chain of newspapers, the voices of thoughtful, intelligent people such Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams could reach a larger audience, which would certainly open the editorial pages to much better commentary than currently exists.

Myles Salmon


Gouging at pump

I have a receipt on my desk from May 7 for gas at $3.39 per gallon. The price less than two weeks before that was $3.09.

On Thursday, the price hit $3.82 per gallon. Price fixing?

Oil prices have dropped, yet gas went up more than 20 cents per gallon in less than a week. Last month, oil was less than $87 a barrel, yet we were still paying more than $3 a gallon.

Remember a few years ago when we were all aghast when we were told that oil might reach $100 per barrel and we should expect to pay $3 a gallon?

Wow, times have changed. Admittedly, oil has gone up some in the prior few weeks but not reaching $100 per barrel.

Gas prices have nothing to do with oil prices when oil goes down, but when oil goes up it’s a direct correlation. That is so weird.

So the gas companies are planning a huge profit this year. It could be more than 70 cents profit per gallon per customer in about a four-week period.

Do the math — huge profits. Again I ask, seriously?

Jane Reznicek

Kansas City

Gas price jump

Last month, Kansas City area television stations reported that “experts” predicted that gasoline prices would continue to fall and be down at least an additional 20 cents a gallon by Memorial Day.

Since that report, prices have soared. Who are these “experts,” and why don’t the TV news departments look a bit more closely at their sources before running a story?

John Cleary


Helling column

I write to counter Dave Helling’s misleading May 14 column, “The real cause of scandal.” Helling opines that President Barack Obama is merely “ambitious” and supposedly not “power-obsessed.”

Helling goes on to blame Obama’s war on conservatives via the Internal Revenue Service on the First Amendment. He conveniently forgets that just such conduct was one of President Richard Nixon’s impeachment counts.

Make no doubt, Obama is the most power-hungry and abusive president this country has ever seen. Nixon was paranoid and did some stupid things to cover up a burglary, but he did not see himself as the king of the country.

Obama is an egomaniac who is obsessed with keeping and exercising as much power as possible, even if it is not authorized by law. Through highly suspect executive orders and unlawful regulations, Obama and his minions have been abusing the Constitution and avoiding Congress.

Obama has been able to do so because of a complicit and adoring press. Nixon was not so fortunate.

Benghazi, the IRS scandal and the AP record seizures are Obama scandals that the mainstream media finally noticed. How many others were not because of folks like Helling?

George P. Coughlin

Kansas City

Progressive Kansas

A funny thing happened on the way to the end of the world (as many alarmists would have you believe of Gov. Sam Brownback’s income tax cuts).

My wife was talking to a friend in California who owns a business that sells products nationwide. The friend was excited to tell my wife that she and her husband were relocating their production facility to Kansas to take advantage of the “lower tax rates.”

What’s more, they plan to buy a home in Kansas for the trips they make to visit the plant.

Could it be that Kansas’ daring tax cuts might actually attract new businesses from around the country (not just from across the state line) that will create revenues that can help support education, the arts and more?

I understand this is only one example, but the fact that Gov. Brownback developed a growth plan — albeit a controversial one — and is actually following through shows true leadership.

In this day and age when “flyover” states such as Kansas are competing with states that have mountains, oceans and/or major cities, if you’re not moving forward, you’re definitely falling behind.

Stuart Smith

Overland Park

Honoring America

All immigrants who come to the United States for freedom and opportunities must be loyal to the nation they live in. What is alleged to have occurred last month at the Boston Marathon is worse than guests spitting at their host, breaking his possessions and harming his family members.

The allegations that young immigrants acted violently toward their generous host will eventually cost other immigrants chances to enter the United States and enjoy the freedom and opportunities America offers. And further, the violent act cuts immigrants’ chances to give back to future Americans whatever they gained here in money or knowledge of skills.

As an immigrant who came with dreams, has lived here for nearly a half-century and has seen my dreams turning into a reality, I say, “Shame!”

U.S. laws are made to be revered and honored. Any perpetrator of terrorist acts against the U.S. deserves the worst punishment U.S. laws allow so that a tragedy like the one in Boston won’t be repeated.

The rest is in God’s hands.

Therese Park

Overland Park

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