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Kansas hypocrisy, same-sex marriage, Benghazi

Updated: 2013-05-15T23:22:36Z

Kansas hypocrisy

Rank hypocrisy! Gov. Sam Brownback and most conservative Kansas legislators repeatedly inveigh against “big government” dictating how people should live.

But then they do exactly that by mandating the University of Kansas Medical Center establish a stem-cell research center — unrequested by the university and unfunded by the Legislature. At the same time, they’re discussing decreasing funding for higher education. How much more hypocritical can you be?

Leo Schell

Manhattan, Kan.

Steve Rose column

Steve Rose again advanced the proposition that the liberal view in editorial policy is the only one that should be available to the public (5-12, Commentary, “You don’t want the Koch brothers in the media”).

He acknowledges that newspapers influence the nation’s politics. Liberals now have that control and influence, and he wants to keep it that way. Public be damned.

Edward Richards

Marshall, Mo.

Kansas sales tax

Have the governor and state legislators considered that the extension of the sales tax would hit all Kansans in the gut — literally?

I challenge these elected officials to grocery shop, choosing only healthy and ample foods for a family of four, and then look at the sales tax.

This tax extension hits the people who can least afford to pay it. And that’s just food. What about clothes, shoes and other necessities?

Patricia Callaghan

Kansas City, Kan.

Same-sex marriage

If the U.S. Supreme Court justices think the federal Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 in California are justified on moral grounds, then they must be consistent in denying this human right to all people they deem to be immoral.

They would have to annul the marriages of murderers, rapists, drug dealers, spouse abusers and all others convicted of immoral crimes.

In other words, marriage should not be based on moral judgments of a person’s actions. Withholding marriage rights should not be used as a punishment based on one group’s moral judgment of another.

That’s in the Declaration of Independence under “all men (and women) are created equal .”

Marcia J. Corbett


Unequal treatment

When George Tiller, an abortion doctor, was murdered, it was front-page news. When Kermit Gosnell, an abortion doctor, was convicted of first-degree murder in the deaths of three babies, there is only a small article on A2 (5-14, “Abortion doctor is convicted”). Interesting.

John Dameron

Platte Woods

Wake up, America

Dictators, cover-up artists, corruption, liars and thieves are in full bloom in Washington, D.C. For the sake of what’s left of our nation, wake up, America.

Sharon Stathopoulos


Benghazi’s bottom

I wish senators were as upset over the lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as they are about the four deaths in the Benghazi fiasco (5-9, A1, “Benghazi attack continues to rankle”).

Obviously, some explaining is needed, but the extent of the outrage seems overblown. How come the deaths of thousands of young American soldiers in Iraq aren’t equally as outrageous? They were sent because of weapons of mass destruction, which were never found. Where is that explanation?

Sometimes, I feel that Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham are playing a video game when they suggest we do something in a foreign land. They want to commit our young men to their ideas of American might.

I would much rather send a drone than an American boy to settle scores. It seems that many just want to discredit the president and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rather than to get to what really happened.

Chris Anderson


Gun vs. car deaths

This is for all of you who want to limit the types of guns that can be bought.

Everyone who wants gun control always mentions all the people who are killed by guns. Such shootings are terrible, but no one mentions how many people are killed by cars and by abortions.

President Barack Obama used a figure from 1980 to now. He cited the number of deaths in which guns were used. He left out that thousands more people were killed by cars than by guns. Abortions claimed the lives of many more babies than people killed by guns. They did not even have a chance to live.

So if you are for gun control because guns kill so many people, you’d better make sure there is a law to curb deaths by cars. Also, you need do something about abortions.

Robert Kovac

Kansas City

Barb Shelly column

Barbara Shelly’s May 10 column, “Shooting blanks at a trumped-up records flap,” regarding our revenue department and conceal-carry is right on.

They shared information with the Social Security Administration. The horrible result? The feds know who owns guns.

Guess what? Part of the background check for conceal-carry entails an FBI check. They already know.

Social Security was doing us a favor. It wanted to know who was telling us they are sane but telling Social Security they are not sane. We should want to know the insane who carry guns. I say thank you.

Martin Walsh

Glendale, Mo.

Name-calling no-no

For more than four years we have put up with whining from the right about the “liberal agenda” and the “socialist threat” and the denigration of our president, Barack Obama, with terms such as “king,” “socialist,” “Muslim” and worse.

During the tenure of President George W. Bush, I wrote my share of letters lambasting Bush’s policies, mostly on the war in Iraq, the wrongness of which has been proved. But I never resorted to calling him by incendiary names.

On the opinion page, you take a stand for something you feel passionate about, but let’s be adults. Name-calling is childish.

Also, you cannot seriously say that there are more liberal letters than conservative ones printed here.

My advice to conservatives is to refrain from using derogatory names when referring to our president. Get over the fact that a majority of Americans elected him and approve of Mr. Obama’s agenda.

As the great Missourian Harry Truman said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

Timothy Earl Osburn


Licensing hassles

I’m writing to warn my fellow Missourians who’ll get postcards to renew their licenses. If you are used to taking your expiring license to your friendly license bureau to simply renew, read on.

Licenses are new and improved. That good, old license that worked at Kansas City International Airport and was recognized by the Department of Homeland Security? Uh-uh.

Things are less fun at the patronage office. If you’re like me, you may find it aggravating that your current driver’s license isn’t valid identification.

The nice posters touting the new licenses are designed to soothe. Shamefully, I didn’t do my homework before seeking my new license and hence this public-service message.

Here’s the deal. You’ll need your birth certificate (no picture there) or a passport. More fun awaits. You’ll need proof of where you live, too.

These sources will work: a utility bill, a paycheck, a voter-registration card, a property-tax receipt or a bank statement.

So if you haven’t renewed your license in years, go to www.dor.mo.gov to learn how to prove that you’re the person on your license.

Gary Abram

Blue Springs

Ballet performance

I had the extreme pleasure of attending the May 10 performance of the Kansas City Ballet (5-6, C3, “A fitting farewell”). It was simply the most entertaining and spellbinding production I have ever seen.

As I looked around the beautiful setting, I was disappointed to see many empty seats. I am afraid the price of admission may be prohibitive to many people.

I think a performance of this caliber could have a huge effect on the lives of many people, particularly children. It’s unfortunate that the impact on the wallet is equally huge.

Joan Harrison

Kansas City

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