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Immigrants add value, President Bush, Second Amendment

Updated: 2013-05-14T01:04:52Z

GOP’s good deeds

Whew, finally I can rest easy (5-10, A1, “Hot-button bills get their day in Missouri”). Our Republican legislators have taken action to protect us from that evil, subversive United Nations.

I have been in a panic that the United Nations’ nonbinding resolution Agenda 21 might force me to install composting toilets in my bathrooms or solar panels on my roof. My nightmare was that one morning I would wake up and find my yard filled with wind turbines and wild flowers.

Sadly, our Republican defenders did not go far enough. What if the United Nations were to pass other nonbinding, unenforceable resolutions such as “love your neighbor” or “do unto others”?

Could I be forced to be polite to neighbors who vote for candidates who don’t worship at the altar of Grover Norquist or the Koch brothers or those who don’t advocate concealed carry for grade-schoolers? I’m a patriot, after all.

At least Republicans removed the heavy burden of considering Sharia law in our courts. If I commit adultery, my head won’t get chopped off.

Of course, if I’m a member of the working poor I could die a painful lingering death from cancer because I can’t afford health insurance. Keep up the good work, Republicans.

Jeffrey Bushman

Kansas City

Value immigrants

To all Americans and Christians: Learn about immigration. We need more workers who are willing to work hard and long for their American dream, and they include immigrants.

Why have we mistreated every new immigrant group that has come to the United States? They are subject to demeaning, racist remarks by our elected officials and churches.

Be informed. Do your own thinking.

Is that too much to ask for? We need more Hispanic groups in Grandview, Belton, Kansas City and other places where the Latino population is high.

Florentino Camacho Jr.

Former Lulac

Civil Rights

State director

Kansas City

Character exposed

It is amazing that the same House and Senate Republicans who are so upset about the Benghazi tragedy could not find their ethical voices when it came to the trickery and lying regarding Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction (5-9, A1, “Benghazi attack continues to rankle”).

They should be morally outraged about the President George W. Bush-era lies that resulted in the deaths and physical and mental anguish of thousands of young Americans.

Their silence is, in fact, more destructive to our democracy than Watergate. Their chatter now about a White House cover-up is revealing of their moral character.

Bill Hankins

Platte City

Hospital losses

I am writing in response to John Leifer’s May 8 column, “The loss of Catholic health care.” I agree with the sentiment of the article.

Clearly, Kansas City has lost something that cannot and probably will never be replaced even though some think influence will be the healing ointment for this loss.

As a practicing registered nurse in a Catholic hospital for many years, I tried to raise awareness of this loss. It seemed inevitable to most people I spoke with. It seemed inevitable when I raised the issue in a communication with the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph with no response.

I think Mr. Leifer’s column did not paint the whole picture. He left out the perspective of registered nurses, a large group of employees in the system, and an even larger collective group of employees, women.

They are sad.

Nancy Barr, MSN RN

Kansas City

Don’t mess with 2nd

There is nothing to fix in the Second Amendment to the Constitution. The right to bear arms says exactly what it means.

Just as the First Amendment (free speech) allows people to say anything they want, even if it’s racist, sexist, rude or hateful. Do we need to fix the First Amendment, too?

Yes, so-called “assault weapons” (only the military has assault weapons) are not made primarily for hunting, although some are. They are used for self-defense against a person or persons trying to harm your family and against tyranny.

A weapon of mass destruction is exactly what I will use in defense of my family against criminals and, if need be, tyranny. Abortion kills hundreds of babies a day, and some letter writers are crying about the 400 people a year killed by assault rifles. Really?

I suggest that people take the time to educate themselves, learn the facts and stop basing their opinions on emotion and misinformation from the media and liberal politicians. We law-abiding American citizens are fed up with being demonized for exercising our right to bear arms while the real problem (gang bangers with handguns) are given a free pass.

Tim Cintron

Trimble, Mo.

NRA, gun domination

Does anyone in their right mind think our Founding Fathers ever dreamed that people would walk around with weapons that could kill 50 people in a minute? I think not.

Since when is the National Rifle Association a spokesman for people like me who do not want all of these automatic weapons? Next thing you know we will have rocket-launcher sales because the NRA does not care how many people are killed, period.

These people think we want to take their rifles away. When I was a kid, anyone who pulled a knife or gun was called a coward, and it never happened again.

I will say one thing: If tougher gun-control laws are not passed, it will be because the House and Senate are afraid of the NRA. It is sad but true.

Remember, if we don’t have the backbone to fight the NRA, that organization will overthrow our government. Otherwise, why would the NRA want all of these automatic weapons?

Russell Taylor

Blue Spring

Intolerable gun laws

The constant drumbeat from the media and politicians for more gun laws attempts to blame peaceable, law-abiding gun owners for the daily bloodletting by violent thugs who pollute our American cities.

Our liberal political leaders refuse to demand application of tough federal laws that would rid the streets of criminals who terrorize our neighborhoods. These leaders, including mayors, are intentionally ignoring federal laws that punish illegally armed violent criminals.

Everything violent criminals do to acquire, possess, transport or transfer a firearm is already a serious felony. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department calls them “paper violations.” Yet those are the same crimes it says demand a universal background check — a national registration scheme — for all of us.

If all citizens knew the extent of existing criminal sanctions and that those laws could be applied to prosecute real criminals, the endless call for new gun control would be seen for what it is: a campaign to disarm the innocent. The media and political unwillingness to push for prosecution of real criminals using existing laws should not be tolerated.

Ed Geither

Overland Park

Aloof lawmakers

Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran of Kansas and Roy Blunt of Missouri have proved consistently that they do not represent the wishes of the people who elected them. With one of the greatest senators from Kansas, Bob Dole, sitting in a wheelchair in the Senate chamber, they voted last year to oppose the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

How could they vote against a requirement for background checks for handguns? When an issue with more than 90 percent approval can’t get passed in the Senate, don’t you question their motives?

Both issues were supported by a huge majority of Americans. How many times do we have to put up with representatives who do not represent the will of the people?

I guess they think we won’t remember when election time rolls around again. Call them. Write them. Let them know that you want them to vote for the issues that we, the people, want. We elect them, not the National Rifle Association or the gun lobbyists.

In the next election, it will be your chance to really make your vote count to elect senators who will represent us.

Gerry Carson


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