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Renewable energy, guns, Royals annoucer

Updated: 2013-05-08T14:39:52Z

Renewable energy

Every day, rural communities across Kansas benefit from a law that provides needed income, good jobs and steady investments in our state. This law, the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard, has helped Kansas become a national leader in developing, generating and exporting renewable energy.

It requires investor-owned utilities to generate 20 percent of peak-demand electrical capacity from renewable sources by 2020. Our state is poised to make this happen.

Kansas ranks second in the nation for wind-energy potential, and Kansas City leads the nation in the shipping and distribution of biomass for bioenergy production.

As a rural resident, taxpayer, farmer and citizen, I think Kansas should continue to encourage energy investment and not discourage it with attempts to roll back beneficial state policies.

Delaying this plan might mean significant job losses and decreases in disposable income and business investment while hampering homegrown development. Our legislators should continue advocating for the prosperity of Kansas’ farm and ranch families by standing by the law that encourages renewable-energy development.

It provides jobs, attracts new businesses and invests in practical infrastructure for the state.

Meagan Cramer

Kansas Farm Bureau

Manhattan, Kan.

Guns, National Guard

In response to those who say that the Second Amendment to the Constitution should not be changed, I agree. But the amendment should also be read completely.

The Second Amendment states that a person has the right to bear arms in order to form a “well-regulated militia.” We have a well-regulated militia. It’s called the National Guard.

So for those who feel the need to have a weapon with the potential for mass murder in their possession, here’s the solution. Anyone who wants to buy a semi-automatic or automatic weapon or an ammunition magazine containing more than 10 rounds must enlist in the National Guard and serve at least four years.

And any business or individual selling such weapons must become a National Guard recruiter.

This is the only solution that makes sense for my gun-rights friends. It allows them to keep their wonderful weapons of mass murder and adheres to the Second Amendment.

Kevin Fewell

Kansas City

Hudler, KC Royals

I cannot believe we have to endure another year of Rex Hudler’s idiotic patter on our Kansas City Royals telecasts. I thought surely the first year of his broadcasts would be enough evidence of his ineptitude to send him packing.

I tuned into the radio pregame broadcast, and there he was. It was a very cold, windy day in Chicago, and they asked Rex what it was like to play in such cold conditions.

He responded by relating a story of one opening day when he was put into the lineup and “even though the temperatures were in the upper 30s it felt like it was 95 to me because I was so excited to be playing baseball.” The Royals deserve better than this over-the-top schmaltz.

I will have to mute the TV for another season and dial up the radio broadcasts. Such a shame.

Please get rid of this oaf.

Randy Odell


GOP social shifts

I am always amazed when a conservative Republican has a change of heart because of a personal involvement in a social issue. The latest example is Sen. Ron Portman of Ohio, considered openly hostile on gay rights just a few years ago.

Sen. Portman now says he supports gay rights after his 21-year-old son told his family he is gay. It is good to see Sen. Portman join other well-known Republicans such as former Vice President Dick Cheney in their support of gay rights.

Hopefully Sen. Portman will be a spokesman for gay rights and not just a “closet” supporter.

John and Patty Turner

Overland Park

McClanahan column

Memo to E. Thomas McClanahan:

You will be missed. But not by me.

Lin Sullivan


Appreciate teachers

Today through Friday is national Teacher Appreciation Week, with Tuesday designated as National Teacher Day.

It is the goal of the National Teachers Hall of Fame, Emporia State University and the National Education Association to have everyone in America thank at least one teacher during the week.

We all have a favorite teacher or coach — someone who has encouraged, inspired and led us to become the people we are today.

If we would take a moment to stop and say that we appreciate what teachers do each day to enhance students’ lives, it would be very meaningful to these dedicated professionals.

The gesture can be as small as a verbal thank you, a note, a card, a gift, a shout-out on Facebook or Twitter, a hug or handshake. Teachers deserve recognition for the positive influence they have on our lives.

Without the teaching profession, there would be no other professions. Think about it and pay tribute to America’s unsung heroes this week.

If you can read, thank a teacher. If you can think, thank a teacher.

If you can dream, thank a teacher.

Carol Strickland

Executive Director

National Teachers

Hall of Fame

Emporia, Kan.

Oldies passe in KC

For many years, golden oldies rock ’n’ roll fans in Kansas City had a quality radio station to which they could listen and enjoy their favorite music. This was 94.9 KCMO-FM, then known as Oldies 95.

It catered to fans of classic rock music from the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s. Unfortunately, this genre is no more in the Kansas City area.

A few years ago, KCMO switched to a “classic hits” format. Thus, far more music from the 1970s and 1980s, and next to nothing from the 1960s, is aired today.

It is a shame that Cumulus Media does not seem to realize the mistake it has made as the entire eastern Kansas and western Missouri regions now lack golden oldies radio. St. Joseph lost its oldies station back in 2010.

If there was a sufficient market for this genre of music before, then there would surely be such a market now.

Alex Keiffer

St. Joseph

Pluto, solar system

Pluto is indeed a planet, and as a dwarf planet it is one of the three types of planets in our solar system. The other two types are the four rocky, terrestrial or Earth-like (Mercury, Venus and Mars) and the four gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune).

In all my years of teaching earth and space sciences, the planet Pluto has been sort of an enigma compared with the other planets. However, it now appropriately belongs to a group of similar objects orbiting the sun.

In addition to the planets and dwarf planets is the third type or group of solar system objects known as the small solar system bodies. This group includes comets, asteroids and meteoroids that orbit the sun.

Currently in our solar system, NASA lists eight planets, five dwarf planets, 171 moons, 611,123 asteroids and 3,191 comets known — so far.

Bob Riddle

Lee’s Summit

Care for Kansans

Please do not cut any more state aid to citizens in Kansas. This money is used for children with disabilities ages 5 and under who do not qualify for the Home and Community Based Services waiver.

It is so important to me that Kansas fights to maintain quality services for Kansans with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I am very concerned that the state will include long-term care services for persons with developmental disabilities in its managed-care plan beginning Jan. 1, 2014.

I strongly urge state officials to permanently exclude intellectual and developmental disabilities long-term care services from KanCare and do not cut the waiver.

Heather Thies


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