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Keep KCI, investigate torture, real heroes

Updated: 2013-05-07T22:55:52Z

Keep KCI as is

One official suggested that Kansas City International Airport convert and retrofit Terminal B as the departure/drop-off/central security area. That’s better than dropping $1.2 billion for a single-terminal KCI.

Aviation director Mark VanLoh and the city need to back off this idea. They don’t need better PR. They just need a better idea.

Jill Daubresse

Kansas City

Investigate torture

The founders of this country were well aware that a disparity between the haves and the have-nots was a natural occurrence. Differences in skill, ambition, talent, thrift, luck and any number of other factors would bring about different economic outcomes.

They even accepted this disparity as an inevitable result of free markets. The one overriding principle our Founding Fathers deemed vital to a free nation was equal standing before the law regardless of wealth or position.

Currently, the rich and powerful in this nation are too big to fail and too big to jail. Prosecution of the rich and powerful is avoided.

President Gerald Ford really started the ball rolling with his pardon of Richard Nixon. Every president since has expanded this concept until we now have war criminals signing books and confessing in interviews on TV.

The Convention Against Torture, a treaty negotiated and signed by President Ronald Reagan and ratified by the U.S. Senate, makes it a crime for any country to fail to investigate allegations of torture.

Unless the current administration conducts such an investigation, it is guilty of a crime.

President Barack Obama and his Justice Department must honor our obligations.

It is time all citizens petition their elected officials and insist that the Obama administration carry out its lawful obligation of investigating the Bush-Cheney administration for war crimes.

Stan Robinson

Princeton, Mo.

Real U.S. heroes

I know a teacher who finally turned a reluctant reader into a book lover.

I know a retired police officer who spent his life keeping us safe and is now teaching the next generation to do the same.

I know a doctor who day after day makes sick children well.

I know a woman who has devoted her life to making sure that every child in her school district has decent shoes and socks to wear and enough food to eat.

With so many real heroes in this nation, why would the leader of the United States of America choose to honor an overpaid professional athlete just because he finally admitted to the world that he is gay?

Teresa Long

Grain Valley

Deer overpopulation

I am not sure why the discussion about the overpopulation of deer does not continue. Innocent lives are being lost while we delay.

Those children, parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors cannot be replaced.

I know many people think deer are cute. But auto accidents involving deer kill hundreds of people nationwide each year. There are more than 3,400 deer-involved auto accidents in Missouri each year.

Thank you hunters for doing your share. However, more needs to be done.

It’s better to have venison on your grill than in your grill. Be safe. Be legal. BBQ.

Bill Foster

Excelsior Springs

Right-wing drivel

A recent spate of right-wing blather should not go unanswered. To the writer who thinks Fox News doesn’t air lies, try this:

The cable news network reported that President Barack Obama’s trip to India cost $200 million a day. Just because Fox News said it a dozen times didn’t make it less a lie.

During the last election, anything that Dick Morris said was a total fabrication.

And lastly, Carl Rove’s inability to tell the truth led to an on-air rebuttal by his own Fox hostess.

For the predictably silly letter on a recent knife attack, the response is simple — check the death toll and compare it with any recent mass shooting.

And for the person who wrote about what he thinks are appropriate rights for gay couples, I can only say, “Really?”

I recommend that if you are going to use a centuries-old document for your understanding of today’s world, at least read a little of it. Start with Leviticus and see whether you can agree with all of it or if you are forced to take the hypocrite’s path and pick and choose your way through it.

Kenneth Newman

Overland Park

U.S. greatness

Like our forefathers in Boston who fought against an oppressive government, we fight today against the fanatical who attempt to hold the world in radicalism. Hate and envy are enemies of a free people.

They must be educated for truth to be known. Mary Baker Eddy, who started the Christian Science Church in Boston, said in her book, “Science and Health,” “The history of our country, like all history, illustrates the might of mind and shows human power to be proportionate to its embodiment of right thinking.”

We are reminded that the might of right motive is seen in this country’s continuing efforts to uphold the rights of all, no matter sex, race or nationality.

Mrs. Eddy continues: “A few immortal sentences, breathing the omnipotence of divine justice, have been potent to break despotic fetters and abolish the whipping-post and slave market; but oppression neither went down in blood, nor did the breath of freedom come from the cannon’s mouth. Love is the liberator.”

Faith in God’s love linked to our love of our fellow man makes us a great nation.

Riley Seay

Kansas City

Global-warming costs

In 2011, the Kansas insurance industry paid out four times the norm for weather-related losses. The worldwide loss rate was roughly the same.

Fortunately, our insurance companies were well-funded and able to survive.

An actuary friend of mine says insurance costs are rising because of global warming.

Advised by consultants who do computer models of anticipated climate trends, insurance companies plan how much to increase homeowner insurance rates. Many companies are nervous about writing homeowner policies in weather-sensitive areas such as the coast of Florida.

The state of Florida has had to insure homes on the coast, but part of this cost has been passed on to Floridians who are not coastal residents.

Is there global warming?

Some say there is not. But, as my brother-in-law likes to say, “You can live in the past if you want, but you will still have to pay today’s prices.”

Your insurance carrier will see to that. The insurance industry has a financial interest in being realistic about our worldwide climate crisis.

Insurance companies do not want to be stuck with the bill.

Craig Cotton

Kansas City

Abortion rights

The move to readdress Roe vs. Wade, in the minds of many, is still unsettled. The majority would agree that life is the most sacred gift bestowed in the universe and, with some reflection, “priceless.”

Many states are in the process of making it nearly impossible for women to choose abortion as an option and criminalizing any and all involved.

Perhaps the federal courts will overrule the states’ infringing on a woman’s right to choose, but that would not address one of the most divisive issues in America.

Some reasons abortion is considered are a mother’s health or fetal health, a change-of-life baby, a partner wanting the abortion, a problem relationship, single parenthood not desired, affordability and a desire to hide a relationship, not to mention rape or incest.

These might not seem like justified reasons to terminate a pregnancy in your mind, but desperate people do desperate things.

It’s time to put oneself in the others’ shoes under similar circumstances and contemplate.

The answer to addressing this issue is not one-dimensional.

Society must be willing to make the ultimate commitment to change attitudes about pregnancy by feeding, nurturing, educating and employing these children and making it possible for families to stay intact, with wages to complement it.

No serious-minded pro-life person should stand by and allow cuts in programs that will not accomplish these goals.

Val Pfannenstiel


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