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Closing Guantanamo, KCI redo, teacher evaluations

Updated: 2013-05-04T04:17:59Z

Ill-timed closing

President Barack Obama renewed his pre-2008 election pledge to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility (5-1, A1, “Obama vows anew to close Guantanamo”). Regardless of how one feels about Gitmo, to announce his desire to close Gitmo within weeks of a terror attack on U.S. soil shows either ignorance or arrogance.

What it does not show is courage; courage would have been for Obama to close Gitmo before his re-election, fulfilling his campaign promise. Maybe closing Gitmo is one of the things Obama was referring to when he told a Russian official to let Vladimir Putin know that he (Obama) would have more flexibility after the election.

David Shull


KCI redo, taxes

Why not a new airport? It costs nothing but taxes, taxes, taxes and more taxes.

Maureen Halpin

Prairie Village

Liberal overreach

The Democrat Party does not support arming teachers or guards for America’s public schools. If guards were allowed and children had adequate protection, then there would be no need for them to call for the disarmament of the American people.

Disarmament of citizens is extremely important to all collectivist liberals at all times, just as it was in Russia and Germany in the early 20th century.

Collectivist liberals and American Civil Liberties Union members are not for freedom of the individual as outlined by the founders and Constitution. Just like their 20th-century counterparts, they are for an all-powerful government that can never have enough power over the people they see as needing their instruction and control, in spite of the fact that they exercise little control or responsibility over the government institutions they run so badly. Don’t tread on the American people or our Constitution.

Charley Morasch


Teacher evaluations

No matter how hard I try, I cannot understand those who want to tie teachers’ evaluations to their students’ progress. Yet this is what the Missouri Legislature is proposing (4-30, A6, “KC school takeover bill gains new life”).

Although this idea sounds great in theory, closer examination reveals its absurdity. I cannot think of another profession that ties its employees’ raises to factors beyond their control. Yet this is what a certain faction in America keeps proposing.

I teach English to juniors and seniors, and even my students scoff at the ridiculousness of such legislation. They recognize that I cannot control their work ethic, desire or attendance.

If I could take home my struggling students and monitor their grades and homework and restrict their work hours and technology use, then I would agree.

Judge me by my students’ results. But until that happens, this is a patently unfair proposal.

Cindy Berryman

Blue Springs

Investing in Kansas

In recent weeks, Gov. Sam Brownback toured college campuses in support of public higher education. His budget calls for stable funding and targeted investments in areas supporting the growth of the Kansas economy. The Board of Regents is grateful for the governor’s efforts.

To grow tax rolls, Kansas needs new businesses to succeed, existing businesses to grow and more people working. Achieving a higher education credential is the best way to ensure Kansans are the first choice of current and future employers and to ensure businesses invest in Kansas with confidence.

Nearly 7 percent of Kansans enroll at public higher education institutions. Their investment in higher education is their pro-growth strategy. More than 60 percent of Kansans have obtained some higher education. A majority of Kansans realize higher education is crucial.

If we want Kansas to grow, it is time to make investments supporting growth. Stable higher-education funding is an investment in the growth of the human and intellectual capital of Kansas — an investment in the future of our state and our citizens.

Tim Emert

Kansas Board of Regents


Independence, Kan.

Fred Logan

Vice Chair


Andy Tompkins

President and CEO


News media failing

I understand that The Star has a very left leaning view. What I don't understand is why do you waste your time on stories about Kansas gun laws.

Why don't you do some real reporting and start writing about Benghazi, and the Fast and Furious issues. This paper like most of the news media chooses to ignore what happened and concentrate on other stories to downplay what a sham the reporting has been.

Why not show some class and at least pretend to be fair and balanced.

Robert C. Taylor


UMKC alumni awards

The week of April 18 was intense in America. Tragedies eclipsed exceptional deeds and happenings nationally and locally.

An example in Kansas City that missed out on coverage was the 600 alumni and supporters of the University of Missouri-Kansas City celebrating the 2013 Class of Alumni Award recipients. Each recipient in the 10 categories was distinguished.

Just as important was that the lunchtime migration onto the campus raised $200,000 in student aid.

It is sad that we were distracted by the truly tragic events of that week. But take a minute to savor the things that make Kansas City special, including a vibrant urban campus that produces world-class alumni in every field imaginable.

Pat Macdonald



of Missouri-Kansas City

Alumni Association

Kansas City

Gun hypocrisy

We live in a country with a government engaged in the killing business, under the guise of democracy and national interest, by selling weapons to foreign countries.

Are background checks required to ensure only licensed people can purchase these weapons? Why are background checks not required of politicians to determine their mental competency to authorize killing and wounding of Americans sent into battle in foreign lands?

By their actions, is this not the same as them pulling the trigger? Was a background check required of Attorney General Eric Holder before he authorized gun sales to foreign gangs?

Was Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano subjected to background checks before purchasing assault rifles and ammunition designed for killing?

Hypocrisy, lack of transparency and holding themselves above the law is what’s governing our country today.

Charley Green

Overland Park

Gun control hoax

There is no gun control law that will keep guns out of the hands of bad guys. It only keeps them out of the hands of good guys who want to protect themselves.

The best way to control violence in the schools is to allow teachers to carry guns so an intruder will know teachers can protect themselves.

Why do we wonder why there is so much violence when TV, including the ads, movies and games, has an abundance of violence.

Conclusion: Gun control legislation is a hoax in saying it will protect the innocent.

Robert E. Motley


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