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Tow trucks, KCI, loud concert

Updated: 2013-05-02T23:17:19Z

Tow-truck mercy

Another First Friday is upon us, and I beg those business owners who have contracts with towing companies to call off the dogs (tow trucks). If your business is closed for the day, please do not allow your contracted tow company to profit off patrons who are revitalizing the art district (particularly the old West Bottoms).

It is because of these patrons that these areas are thriving again.

Heather Serrano

Kansas City

Pushy KC mayor

To quote his honor, Mayor Sly James, on a new Kansas City International Airport terminal, “The concept got pushed out before we figured out how to push it out.” (4-28, A1, “Political turbulence rattles plans for new KCI”)

Push it out? More like shove it up, and I don’t like where they are trying to shove it.

Rodney Applegate

Kansas City

Hands off memorials

Handmade memorials are important to the public as well as sacred to families whose loved ones are being remembered (4-29, A1, “Handmade memorials will be coming down”). If public works folks dismantle them, may they be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels.

I believe these memorials should be left up and respected. They remind us that what we do or don’t do behind the wheel affects the lives of others.

Our driving habits can turn our automobiles, which are often useful and wonderful things, into killing machines. Every act we do touches the lives of others.

I do not find such memorials to be a distraction. The antiseptic memorials for a limited time being suggested by the state do not do a life, which has been taken from us, justice.

Leave the handmade memorials alone.

Paul O. Bond


Homonym confusion

I’m not at all surprised that Glenn McCoy trots out the tired, right-wing claim of President Barack Obama voters wanting handouts. However, is it too much to ask that Mr. McCoy use the correct homonym (roll/role) in his rant?

Tom Witwer

Overland Park

‘X Factor’ pride

A small town proud of its son should proclaim it, and what bigger way than to put his name on the town water tower (4-28, Letters). Why would anyone laugh at that?

A great accomplishment should be recognized. Good for you, Tate Stevens.

Bonnie Montgall


Ruby slippers needed

Jim Hinson has been selected as the new superintendent of the Shawnee Mission School District. He seems to be a fine choice for the district, and I would wish him well.

One of his goals is to see that the teachers and schools are fairly compensated.

But I do hope he understands he is entering the land of the wicked warlock of the West with the warlock’s flying tea partiers, who want to turn public schools and the teachers into munchkins.

John Nelles


Bush library farce

The library commemoration ceremony for former President George W. Bush was a farce (4-25, A2, “Bush library dedication is today”).

As with similar dedications for the other ex-presidents in attendance, it was a naked attempt to burnish his reputation and reinvent his true record in office. The disingenuous schmoozing was all part of their old boys’ club mentality.

In the case of Bush the younger, those praising him for things like No Child Left Behind, unfunded Part D Medicare and African AIDS relief completely ignored his most lasting legacy and biggest leadership blunder — the Iraq war and America’s massive loss of life and treasure. There also was no mention of his out-of-control spending and deficits, and his failure to reform taxes, immigration and entitlements.

He will go down in history as the first Republican president to involve the U.S. in an unprovoked foreign invasion, and this even after the Vietnam debacle so graphically demonstrated the lunacy of such a venture.

And lastly, Bush and his eight years of lousy leadership gave us an even bigger loser in the White House.

Bush’s public approval may have seen an uptick since he left office, but that’s temporary and due to short memories, uninformed people and silly self-serving library dedications.

Crosby P. Engel

Weatherby Lake

Republican shift

One of the most encouraging political moves I have seen in some time was that former Republican State Rep. Jean Schodorf of Wichita recently registered as a Democrat. She was an excellent legislator who was defeated in the primary elections last fall.

The Kansas Republican Party essentially has been taken over by the Libertarian Koch brothers and their Americans for Prosperity political organization. They target moderate Republican legislators and replace them with right-wing candidates by backing them in the primary elections.

Because Kansas is so Republican, winning the primary virtually assures Republican candidates of winning in the general election. Consequently, many state legislators were elected by the mere 17 percent of the electorate who voted in the primary election last fall.

A number of excellent moderate Republican incumbent legislators from Kansas City were defeated in last year’s elections by this tactic. As a former Republican, I would like to see some of those moderate Republican candidates follow Ms. Schodorf’s lead and run on the Democratic ticket.

We badly need candidates who are independent and would represent the mainstream.

Donald Moore


Concert too loud

Fleetwood Mac is a tremendously talented group. Its successful history is proof of that.

My wife and I had looked forward to the group’s concert since buying tickets several months ago. What a disappointment we had beginning at about 8:20 p.m. April 30 when the first drumbeat blasted our eardrums, and it only got louder and worse after that.

There were a handful (one hand) of songs where the volume was tolerable and allowed us to really hear the beautiful voices of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, but the remainder were so ear-splitting that we wished we weren’t there and would have gladly taken back our ticket expenditure. The volume degraded the group’s music and made enjoyable listening impossible.

Who determines the volume during a concert, the performers or the Sprint Center? I’d really like to have an answer. If it is the performers, please ask them to reduce it. If it is the Sprint Center, please reduce it.

Our enjoyment and long-term hearing depend on this action.

Steve Kellar

Overland Park

Assault weapons ban

The current frantic rush to eliminate or control gun murders has become an obsession over assault weapons.

A real assault weapon is one that meets military standards. There are hundreds of look-alike assault weapons that don’t meet military standards. There are even BB-gun and .22-caliber assault-rifle look-alikes.

Handguns kill many more people than assault rifles, yet the so-called assault rifle has the limelight. The idea that some guns are more lethal than others is simply fodder for elected officials.

The sad fact is no amount of regulations will affect those who don’t obey the laws. Be reminded of what a colossal failure Prohibition was. Prohibition was the biggest boost to organized crime it ever had. Drug laws are another example.

We need to quit blaming inanimate weapons and place the blame where it belongs. Had Adam Lanza been incarcerated, as he should’ve been, the Sandy Hook Elementary School murders wouldn’t have happened.

Lanza broke more than 20 laws, which didn’t stop him. Had there been an armed teacher, guard or a policeman, this may have been averted.

Bob Patterson

Lee’s Summit

Lee Judge cartoons

Do your subscribers a favor. Let them vote on whether Lee Judge should be retained as The Star’s cartoonist. I vote no.

Sara Colt

Mission Hills

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