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Firearms, President Obama, dangerous threats

Updated: 2013-04-27T03:59:37Z

Upgrading firearms

A lot of concerned letter writers are absolutely correct. The Second Amendment needs modern interpretation.

The Second Amendment begins “a well regulated militia, being necessary.” Obviously, our forefathers writing the Second Amendment had military-grade flintlocks in mind.

In the intervening years, military-grade arms have been updated. I think our citizens are doing their level best to follow the letter writers’ advice and keep themselves prepared with modern-day, military-grade arms.

Vincent Dittrich

Prairie Village

No political legacy

To the average taxpaying American: If you don’t do your job to a company’s satisfaction, how long would you have that job?

If you want to take a three- or four-day weekend or a three- or four-month vacation, do you think you could just walk out the door knowing you haven’t finished the job you started and still be welcomed back to your job?

Politicians do this all the time. Look what is going on in Washington, D.C., now. It’s time we put our foot down.

To the average politician: What kind of legacy are you leaving behind? What if our forefathers left your kind of legacy?

Our country is a mess, and you overpaid fat cats only care about getting your own way or “I’m not going to play nice.”

You expect us to take pay cuts and say nothing. Do you take pay cuts ever? We all know the answer to that. You give yourselves raises.

We pay your wages. You can be fired, and we are watching you.

Just remember, election day will be here again.

Loretta Gordon


Obama’s self-focus

President Barack Obama and Congress cannot solve problems here in the United States, but they give money to other countries. Now $200 million is going to Jordan, which Obama is taking away from us.

The decisions they make do not concern them. Politicians’ lifestyle continues as before.

The new version is Obama’s way or the highway. Members of Congress should work for us, not for their own gain.

Another picture of Obama with beer in hand and wife at the tap filling another glass. On Obama and family trips on Air Force One, up and away, the high and mighty fly.

Claude Cowan

Kansas City, Kan.

Black male mentors

The lack of men of color who are active and visible in the community is depressing. As a black man, I know the hardship of becoming a responsible man when there are seemingly so few men who can serve as teaching resources.

That hardship from the 1990s is more noticeable today in the charities, schools and churches. I challenge you to find a church where men aren’t outnumbered 5 to 1.

That’s including the deacons. When I visited one of Kansas City’s more prominent church’s Wednesday night service, I, originally from Illinois, was confused.

The church was full, but I leaned over to my girlfriend and said, “I think we came on women’s night.” Since then, I’ve visited a couple of other churches and realize that is the norm.

Men of color, you are needed more than ever in the community. Become a Big Brother, volunteer at Operation Breakthrough or shoot hoops at the park.

Do something that puts you in a position to mentor the younger generations.

Louis Trigg

Kansas City

Liberty and security

Those who will sacrifice liberty for the promise of a bit of security deserve neither security nor liberty.

A similar quote was attributed to some old American coot named Ben, but it likely was a requote from Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville. Either way it is resoundingly true.

History does repeat itself. Indeed, it has happened in this manner multiple times since the days of old Ben. It is happening even now as America grinds its way incrementally toward national socialism.

In this age of technology and so-called unparalleled means of communications, we face the likelihood that we may be just another ignorant people.

William McDannold II

Lee’s Summit

Lee Judge cartoons

I applaud The Star for running some very clever editorial cartoons recently. They have been funny, insightful and well-drawn.

Lee Judge’s cartoons have none of these qualities. I would hope that The Star will continue to use cartoons from talented cartoonists and leave Judge’s in the trash where they belong.

Jack Benson


Dangerous threats

North Korea’s young leader, Kim Jong Un, and his advisers would do well to remember that threats may buy you more trouble than you want.

Knowing he loves basketball and seems to be a fan of Dennis Rodman (of basketball fame), I would caution Kim Jong Un to read up on John Wayne, an actor who portrayed how most citizens of the United States feel about threats to our nation.

If you threaten John Wayne or the United States once, you might be ignored or thought a fool. If you threaten again, you likely will hear the sound of a stealth bomber calling you home to meet your maker.

Edward “Gomer” Moody

Kansas City

Newborn safe havens

Many of us have heard about desperate parents who abandon their babies. Because April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, the Safe Haven for Newborns Coalition is spreading the message that “No one ever has to abandon a newborn.”

All 50 states have some form of the safe haven for newborns law designed to prevent the abuse, abandonment or murder of infants and to allow parents to safely leave their newborns in the arms of someone on duty at an officially designated Safe Haven location.

In Kansas, hospitals, fire stations and city/county health departments are safe havens. The child must be 45 days old or less and show no signs of abuse.

In Missouri, hospitals, fire stations, police stations and ambulance stations are safe havens. The child must be five days old or less and show no signs of abuse. If a child up to the age of one year is relinquished, according to the Missouri statute, “it shall be an affirmative defense to prosecution.”

If state laws are followed, the parents will not be prosecuted.

All of us can help spread the word about this important child-abuse prevention initiative. Learn more at the Mother & Child Health Coalition website (www.mchc.net).

Susan McLoughlin

Overland Park

U.S. liberal elitists

The intrusion into our lives by well-meaning progressives has become pervasive. Who would have believed that the mayor of a major U.S. city would try to mandate the size of soda you can buy or that an appointed 15-person panel in Washington, D.C., might impact the medical treatment you receive?

Progressive liberals have one thing in common. They know more about what’s better for you than you do.

They give us utopian promises backed by trillion-dollar deficits, crony capitalism and a stagnant economy. All they ask for in return for utopia is your freedom, while exempting themselves from the same rules the rest of us are mandated to live by.

Will President Barack Obama, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg or billionaire George Soros be placed on a waiting list to see the doctor or denied medical treatment? Will they be forced to walk down streets with guards who are not permitted to carry semi-automatic weapons?

Of course not. But these elitists expect this for you and your family.

Gregory H. Bontrager

Hutchinson, Kan.

Redefining race

If the Supreme Court can arbitrarily redefine marriage, why not redefine race, declaring black as white? This would put all our racial problems behind us, allowing us to live together happily ever after.

George J. McLiney Jr.

Kansas City

Old school on food

I am really old school. I love proper service and will pay the price to get it.

No stacking dishes, serving from the correct side, all entrees arriving at the same time, etc. And when a restaurant pays attention to these things, the food is both wonderful and beautiful to look at and in a health-conscious portion.

Frances Keating

Kansas City

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