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Spring, gun owners, KCI

Updated: 2013-04-23T23:52:29Z

Where’s spring?

The renowned English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley once asked, “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” In the case of Missouri weather, yes it can.

Bob Marrin

Kansas City

Valuing all life

Just before he signed sweeping new anti-abortion legislation on April 19, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback was quoted as saying, “All life is sacred. It’s beautiful.

“With this, we continue to build this culture of life in our state (4-20, A4, “Brownback signs into law stricter limits on abortion”).”

I wonder whether the governor’s affirmation of this biblical truth means that we can now count on him to support or even take the lead in efforts to abolish the death penalty in Kansas.

Glen Yancey

Retired Clergy


Regulate gun owners

Because the Second Amendment calls for a “well-regulated militia” and “guns don’t kill people; people kill people,” perhaps the obvious solution is don’t regulate weapons, regulate people.

People wanting or owning weapons must be tested and deemed fit to own and operate said weapon. Each weapon must be registered with the federal government.

Liability insurance must be purchased on each weapon in the household. Children shall not be allowed to use a weapon unless they are accompanied by an adult and have a learner’s permit.

Gun owners must take a test every few years to deem them suitable to continue in their use. If a weapon is lost or stolen, authorities must be notified immediately or the owner will be held liable if the weapon is used to harm anyone or to commit a crime.

If one sells a weapon, the seller must have the appropriate paperwork deeming the purchaser fit to own a weapon and the title of said weapon must be signed by a notary upon transfer of the weapon. If anyone is accidentally harmed by a weapon, the owner could be arrested and charged with a felony.

Sound familiar? It’s done every day with automobile ownership.

Charlene Pryor

Overland Park

KCI isn’t broken

Most people don’t go to the airport just to shop and eat.

The Kansas City area needs pragmatism and maturity about Kansas City International Airport, not emotional construction contractors who need another public project.

There are only two entities that would benefit from a new terminal. They are local politicians and the construction industry.

KCI in its present form is working just fine.

Brian Mullies

Blue Springs

Faulty trade pact

The North American Free Trade Agreement lifted barriers to trade such as tariffs, quotas and embargoes among Canada, Mexico and the U.S. NAFTA has been a source of controversy since it went into effect.

Critics cite unemployment, lower wages and economic degradation as results of the agreement. However, no such effects exist, as U.S. employment, wages and overall economic health have generally increased since the inception of the policy.

Although the economic advantages of NAFTA can’t be denied, certain aspects need to be revised.

The North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation was a sister policy to NAFTA that bound the member nations on environmental matters.

The NAAEC created a regulatory body, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation. The problem is that the CEC has extremely limited enforcement powers.

Environmental regulation is largely left up to the individual nations, which rarely take action to enforce the regulations put forth in the NAAEC. In addition, environmental impact statements are not required in the NAAEC.

Revision is badly needed in order to increase enforcement powers of the commission and to add a clause requiring environmental impact statements for activities that could have a negative effect on the environment.

Sam Vossen

Tecumseh, Kan.

Obama’s new job

The economy and jobs were two key issues for the 2012 election. It was quite a struggle for President Barack Obama to convince most Americans to rehire him for next four years.

His first-term record on fixing America’s economy and creating jobs was not so impressive. His excuse: The economy was so shattered by former President George W. Bush that it couldn’t be fixed in one term.

Obama’s ability to blame Bush expired in 2012. Now is the time for Obama to show how well he can perform.

President Obama’s second-term campaign promises to the American people included job growth and a robust economy. As he is in his second term, he does not have to worry about re-election.

I hope he does not forget his election promises as typical politicians usually do. As his focus and priorities may change with events and situations like the Sandy Hook Elementary killings and the gun-control issue, I hope he neither gets distracted nor forgets his key promises of more jobs and a better economy.

Obama got the job he wanted. Now his job should be to make sure we get our jobs and the economy we deserve, nothing short of it.

Sam Hossain

Kansas City

Gun lobby price

To U.S. senators who voted against any of the proposed gun-control laws: First, let me congratulate you for being upright (4-18, A1, “Senate rejects series of firearms reforms”).

It is surprising any of you can stand on your feet given that you are all spineless. I suppose it is easier to remain vertical if you are propped up by a National Rifle Association lobbyist.

Before you cast yourselves as stalwart defenders of the Second Amendment, please direct me to that portion of the amendment that prohibits background checks. Cite the language that prohibits restrictions on the size of ammunition magazines.

Perhaps it is time for those in favor of sensible gun-control laws to simply give up. If you are willing to ignore the majority of your own constituents, if you are willing to ignore the pleas of loved ones of the victims of gun violence, if you are willing to ignore murdered schoolchildren, then there is not much that is likely to make you stand up to the NRA pressure.

If the mass shootings at the Newtown, Conn., elementary school cannot foster change, then there will be no change. I hope your ceaseless desire for re-election is worth the price that will be paid.

Mark Roberts

Blue Springs

Reagan, science

The GOP’s embrace of ignorance and antipathy toward science began when President Ronald Reagan claimed that trees cause more pollution than automobiles do.

Robert Powell


Post office efficiency

I don’t understand the big deal about the U.S. Postal Service.

I have sent packages, and they have never arrived. Two years ago, a package got lost around Christmas and still has not arrived, and because I did not pay to track it I could not find out anything.

This year, I sent a package and paid to have it tracked. Well, you guessed it, it did not arrive and even though I paid for the tracking it is lost and the Postal Service does not know where it is.

Because I did not insure it, nothing can be done. I do not understand. If I paid for tracking, why is it lost?

My sister sent a package this year, and it got lost. She paid for tracking, but her package never arrived.

I would just like to know what I send gets there. It does not matter if it is on Saturday or Monday.

Maybe if the Postal Service worked on being more efficient more people would use the services.

Judy Mayfield

Overland Park

Obama’s childishness

The Constitution requires that the president be at least 35 years old. Recently, President Barack Obama wasn’t winning during the sequester game and decided to take his toys and go home in the form of canceling public tours of our White House.

Obama is the most egotistical, selfish president in our history.

He is fortunate the qualification is to be at least 35 and not that the person in the White House act like a grown-up.

Joe Lavender


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