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Men charged with selling eagle feathers

Updated: 2013-03-07T01:27:05Z

A Lawrence man and an Oklahoma man are charged with illegally selling feathers of eagles and hawks that are protected as migratory birds under federal law.

Ruben Dean Littlehead, 38, and Brian K. Stoner, of Ponca City, Okla., allegedly sold or offered to sell the feathers in 2008 and 2009. They could face up to five years in federal prison and fines of $250,000 per count if convicted.

An indictment announced Wednesday by the U.S. Attorney’s office on Kansas alleges Littlehead sold a bustle with 68 golden eagle feathers and on a separate occasion sold 11 golden eagle tail feathers and a wing. The two men allegedly offered to sell parts of a bald eagle, a golden eagle and a crested caracara. They allegedly sold a tail feather fan with feathers from a bald eagle. Prosecutors said they also sold a bustle made of rough-legged hawk feathers and ferruginous hawk feathers.

| Matt Campbell,

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