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Chiefs profile | Safety Tysyn Hartman

Safety Tysyn Hartman, an undrafted rookie, is a longshot to make the Chiefs regular season roster. But he’s not an unknown to local Chiefs fans. He went to high school in Wichita, where he played quarterback while his team was on offense, and played in college at Kansas State.

Hartman is one of 19 defensive backs competing for a roster spot and the Chiefs are unlikely to keep more than 10 when the regular season begins.

Q: Is there a sense of urgency for you to give a good showing at the beginning of camp to get the attention of the coaches?

A: There is. We all want to come out and play well and turn the heads of the coaches and get noticed.

Q: Does it help that you’ve been through offseason practice?

A: It’s definitely going to ramp up. I know it was tough for the (rookies) last year because they didn’t have (offseason practice). They made sure they told us how lucky we are this year to have (offseason practice) and things like that to kind of ease into it.

Q: What do you think about being back in the dorm for camp?

A: It’s been about five years since I lived in a dorm but they have great facilities and a great campus here.

Q: What did you bring for entertainment? Did you bring your own TV?

A: I didn’t bring a TV or anything like that. My entertainment is going to be in the playbook.

| Adam Teicher,

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