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Leavenworth man sentenced for bizarre crimes

The Kansas City Star

A Leavenworth man was sentenced Friday to four and a half years in prison for crimes that involved, among other things, a spider and a Siberian husky.

Bryan Paul Smith, 26, pleaded no contest in a case in which he was accused of trying to extort money from someone over a pet spider.

The victim had given the spider to Smith to take care of. When he asked for it back, Smith demanded money. Prosecutors allege he then threatened to shoot the victim if the victim did not pay him $100 and give him the spider.

In another case, Smith also pleaded no contest to a series of car burglaries in January in which he allegedly acted as lookout for another person. Smith also was accused of stealing a Siberian husky, which was found in his residence.

Police also found a 14-year-old hiding in a closet in Smith’s residence. Among the charges against Smith were contributing to a child’s misconduct and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Smith was sentenced to a total of 54 months on the various charges, said Leavenworth County Attorney Todd Thompson.

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