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EA Sports: MU's new uniforms will soon be in NCAA Football 13

The Kansas City Star

EA Sports' NCAA Football 13 is one of the most popular video games out there, but the franchise raised the ire of some Mizzou fans will it released the game Tuesday without MU's new uniforms.

However, it appears the company has not left the Tigers out in the cold. Brad Hilderbrand, a communications specialist for EA Sports, said the game's producers plan to release a free patch in mid-August with updates to several uniforms, including Missouri's.

His email:

"We got the info on Mizzou’s new uniforms too late to include them in the release version of the game. We are absolutely expecting to get the new uniforms into the game, it’s just a matter of creating a patch that will allow us to push out the new content. There’s no specific date for this uniform patch, but the team is targeting mid-August as a launch window.

Once the patch is out we will be updating  all of teams who have new default home/away uniforms, as well as any schools where uniform inaccuracies are present. All “corrected” uniforms will be free, we’re not going to charge users a dime to get the right outfits for their teams. The Mizzou uniforms specifically are targeted to go live as the very first pack available once we launch the larger uniform patch."

As for whether the new FieldTurf will make it in, it looks like it probably won't, based on his answer to a question about possible Memorial Stadium updates.

He wrote:

"We didn’t make any changes to the stadium in-game in NCAA Football 13, and officials at Mizzou approved the stadium proposal we submitted last summer. We will submit approvals for the stadium for next year’s game in the near future, so if any changes have been made this is the point at which we will discuss new construction, additions, changes, etc.

So there you go, folks. I know some fans refused to buy the game because it didn't have the uniforms, but it appears they will be in after all.

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