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Green Home | Reclaimed wood adds rustic appeal

Special to The Star

Mitch Trumpp credits his grandfather for encouraging his woodworking skills, a talent that he with his brother turned into a business, Adventure Indoors Custom Log Furniture. Trumpp and his brother collected old Christmas trees and out of them crafted furniture. Now he focuses on sustainable lumber, scouring the countryside for dilapidated barns he can repurpose.

“I love the idea of starting with a pile of raw materials that to a lot of people may look like trash, full of nails and things,” he says. “Within a few days I bring it back to life.”

Other than the reclaimed barn wood, Trumpp uses lodgepole pines that are victims of the mountain pine beetle. The beetles have recently destroyed forests in Colorado. Trumpp often helps harvest the Colorado trees he will use.

Adventure Indoors took root in a one-car garage in Shawnee but now occupies a much larger space in the West Bottoms. Trumpp works with customers on special orders. Recently he designed a modern kitchen table that Kyle and Jessica Blake wanted for their Roeland Park home.

Creating the cabin and log-type atmospheres combines two passions for the furniture maker: the great outdoors and woodworking.

“I like to bring the feel of the old hunting cabin to the home,” he says. “ In the process it has allowed me to connect with kindred spirits like me.”

Trumpp hopes to add a showroom to his West Bottoms location. See his work online and contact him through

Jill Reitz, Special to The Star

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