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Joplin by the numbers

By the numbers


Percentage of Joplin’s labor force working in relatively low-wage jobs at restaurants, hotels and motels, compared to 6.7 percent of the U.S. workforce.


Child-care centers destroyed, leaving many working parents with limited options.


Percentage of Joplin’s 60 or so dental clinics damaged in the tornado; most have reopened or are about to.


Maximum number of construction sites each of Joplin’s building code inspectors visits daily.



Initial estimate of the number of properties where the tornado re-exposed long-buried lead contamination. The Environmental Protection Agency announced Friday that Joplin will get at least $500,000 for testing and remediation.


Number of people in Joplin during the day, including those coming into the city for school and work; the nightime population is about 50,000.

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