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Recession hitting men harder than women

Men. vs. women
It’s been dubbed a “mancession” because two-thirds of the 11 million lost jobs were held by men.

•Of the 15 top job-growth categories predicted over the next decade, only two are primarily held by men.

•Women now make up 60 percent of college students, and women dominate graduate schools. Young women are 1 1/2 times more likely to graduate from college than young men.

•Single, childless women aged 22 to 30 are earning up to 8 percent more than their male peers.

But some trends can also hurt women:

• Many growth jobs — in customer service and health care, for example — tend to be relatively low-paying.

• Women as a whole earn about 80 cents compared to men’s $1. Women are still over-represented in lower-paying “pink collar” rather than better-paying “blue collar” jobs.

A bright spot for young men: They still dominate the expanding computer science field.

| Diane Stafford

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