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A Hemingway timeline: 'Any man's life, told truly, is a novel'

Date: 06/27/99 00:01


»  July 21: Ernest Miller Hemingway is born in Oak Park, Ill.


»  Graduates from high school, summers in Michigan.

»  October: Begins work as a cub reporter at The Kansas City Star. Lives with uncle, then at a boarding house, 3733 Warwick Blvd.

»  November: Moves to 3516 Agnes Ave., where he shares room with Michigan friend Carl Edgar.

»  Joins 7th Missouri Infantry, a temporary unit of Missouri National Guard.


»  April 30: Leaves Kansas City for Italy and World War I.

»  Serves as ambulance driver for American Red Cross and in the canteen service at the front.

»  July 8: Seriously wounded when a trench mortar shell explodes three feet away, near the front at Fossalta. During recuperation, has an affair with nurse Agnes von Kurowsky; relationship provided inspiration for A Farewell to Arms.


»  Returns to Chicago. Is hailed as war hero.


»  Begins writing for the Toronto Star. Takes job in Chicago with Co-operative Commonwealth magazine.


»  Sept. 3: Marries Hadley Richardson of St. Louis in Horton Bay, Mich.

»  October: Co-operative Commonwealth closes in financial scandal.

»  December: At the urging of Sherwood Anderson, the newlyweds move to Paris.


»  March 8: The Hemingways meet Gertrude Stein.

»  Late September: Ernest travels to Constantinople to cover the war between Greece and Turkey for the Toronto Star.

»  Dec. 3: Hadley, on her way to Switzerland to meet Ernest, loses a suitcase containing his manuscripts in a Paris train station.


»  July: Witnesses the running of the bulls at Pamplona, Spain.

»  August: Three Stories and Ten Poems is published by a small press in Paris.

»  Oct. 10: Becomes a papa when son Jack is born in Toronto.


»  July: Pamplona again.

»  August: Finishes short story "Big Two-Hearted River."


»  April in Paris: Meets F. Scott Fitzgerald shortly after his Great Gatsby is published.

»  July: Begins working on The Sun Also Rises, which by the end of the next year ensures his fame.


»  Divorces Hadley, marries Pauline Pfeiffer.

»  Hemingway shares a house in Cuba with Martha Gellhorn.


»  Moves to Key West, Fla.

»  June-July: In Kansas City for the birth of second son, Patrick.

»  Dec. 6: Ernest's father, Clarence Hemingway, commits suicide in Oak Park.


»  Car wreck in Montana. Arm is badly broken.


»  Oct. 14: Hemingways arrive in Kansas City.

»  Nov. 12: Third son Gregory is born by Caesarean section in Kansas City.


»  Hemingways on safari in Africa.


»  Pilar, Hemingway's famed fishing boat, arrives in Key West in May. That summer Hemingway takes the boat to Cuba.


»  Accidentally shoots self in the leg.


»  Introduced to journalist Martha Gellhorn in Key West.


»  February: Begins work as a correspondent covering the Spanish Civil War. Hemingway and Pauline go to Hollywood later in the year to raise money for the Spanish Loyalists.

»  Oct. 18: Likeness appears on cover of Time magazine.


»  June 22: In New York to watch the Joe Louis-Max Schmeling heavyweight fight.


»  Hemingway shares a house in Cuba with Martha Gellhorn.


»  "The Fifth Column," a Hemingway play, opens in New York.

»  Divorces Pauline and marries Martha.

»  Buys the house in Cuba, known as the Finca Vigia.


»  Ernest and Martha tour China as journalists, witness its war with Japan.


»  Uses Pilar for armed patrols, scouting for German submarines in the Gulf of Mexico.


»  May: Is in a serious auto accident suffering a concussion and severe head lacerations.

»  Accompanies British Royal Air Force on missions over France and Germany.

»  August: Accompanies the 22nd Infantry Regiment near Rambouillet, France. Later is investigated and cleared by Army inspector general on allegations of being armed correspondent. Arrives in Paris for liberation by Allies.

»  Meets writer Mary Welsh in London.


»  Martha Gellhorn divorces Hemingway.


»  Marries Mary Welsh.


»  Awarded Bronze Star for service in World War II.

»  June: Max Perkins, Hemingway's longtime editor at Scribner's, dies.

»  Becomes involved in a plot to overthrow the government of the Dominican Republic.


»  June 28: Mother, Grace Hall Hemingway, dies.

»  Oct. 1: Pauline Pfeiffer dies


»  Wins Pulitzer Prize for The Old Man and the Sea.

»  Last four months of the year on safari in Kenya.


»  In January, while still in Africa, the Hemingways survive two plane crashes.

»  October: Awarded Nobel Prize for literature.


»  Works on the script and filming of the movie version of "The Old Man and the Sea."

»  Bedridden with nephritis and hepatitis from late-November through January of 1956.


»  Travels to Spain for bullfighting articles for Life magazine.

»  Buys home in Ketchum, Idaho.


»  Undergoes electroshock treatments for depression and paranoia. Is also treated for liver disease, hypertension and diabetes.


»  July 2: Kills himself with favorite shotgun.

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