Is college worth it?

The “education premium” — which says that more education will increase your earning power — has survived the Great Recession.

Honor veterans by hiring them

Skills acquired in the military can be assets in the workplace. Ability to follow orders. Respect for authority. Attention to detail. Devotion to mission. Many veterans have these and other credentials.

A job interview isn’t a one-way street

If you’re offered a job interview — on the phone or in person — it is perfectly acceptable for you to ask questions. While the interviewer is trying to figure out if you would be a good fit for the job, you can use the time at the end of the interview to gauge if the organization might be a good place for you.

Five college majors linked to better paychecks

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and several private job boards and consultants keep tabs on “hot” jobs and typical earnings. Here is recent insight from, a job board that uses data science to compare the 50 most common college majors with average salaries being paid in jobs held by graduates with those degrees.

How your job chances can go up in smoke

Lost productivity from smoking breaks. Higher absenteeism. Extra health care costs. Do you think an employer would want to hire someone who would bring those debits to the organization? An academic study released this summer says U.S. businesses pay an average of $5,816 more a year for each employee who smokes compared with the costs of employing a nonsmoker.

Be prepared before becoming your own boss

Some people are natural at the creativity, the risk comfort, the self-motivation it takes to run one’s own enterprise. Other people are more natural employees, better at following through on plans and duties laid out for them. It can be hard to change nature. Fortunately, multiple education programs are available for would-be entrepreneurs.

Criminal history gets in the way of getting hired

No one expects a bank to hire a convicted embezzler. There are many safety reasons — financial and physical — why employers don’t hire people with criminal pasts. But some of those reasons aren’t necessarily reasonable. And that’s why there’s national momentum to “ban the box.”