Talking Chiefs' surge, team MVP, Broncos fans and more

The Chiefs have been on the good end of a lot of good breaks this year, but they were on the bad end of two specific bad breaks in Buffalo that might’ve kept it from being a blowout win. Also, saying the Chiefs aren’t winning style points is not the same thing as saying they’re a bad team. The NFL is stacked for parity, especially this year, and if this is the worst 9-0 team ever, that’s better than being the best 8-1 team ever.

Chiefs 23, Bills 13: Insta-reaction

In a different world, we’d be talking a lot about negatives. The Chiefs' defense was gashed, especially on the ground. Alex Smith was usually somewhere between bad and mediocre. Dexter McCluster dropped a pass you just cannot, under any circumstance, drop.

Chiefs 23, Browns 17: Insta-reaction

I’ve always considered Dexter McCluster a sort of bellwether for this coaching staff. He’s got some poor-man’s-Brian-Westbrook qualities, which always made him a good fit for Andy Reid. That was a terrific catch he made for the touchdown, and all things considered, this was his best offensive game in some time — even better than the Giants game.

Chiefs 17, Texans 16: Insta-reaction

This defense, man. FAR too much is being put on them -- it’s not fair, really -- but so far they keep answering. We can talk about the Broncos when the Broncos games happen, but right now, man, in a league with nothing but flawed teams, there aren’t many with strengths like this to rely on.

Chiefs 24, Raiders 7: Insta-reaction

The pass rush was overwhelming, forcing Terrelle Pryor into bad decisions and generally instilling an element of panic in the Raiders. False starts, delays of game. As much as the Chiefs need to score more points on offense -- and they do -- if you’re playing against the Chiefs, you’re probably freaked out about this defense.