Colts 23, Chiefs 7: Insta-reaction about the stink

Well, that was a steaming-pile-of-poo kind of effort by the Chiefs. And two weeks before the playoffs? Against the team they’ll probably play? The Chiefs got outplayed on both sides of the ball. There is mounting evidence that this defense — remember when it was so badass? — goes limp against good quarterbacks.

On rooting and writing for the home teams

The other day, Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe became a bit of a cult hero among a lot of us who write about sports for a living. Headlines don’t always capture the essence of a piece, but this one was pretty good: Your sports columnist is here to write, not root.

Twitter Tuesday: Talking Chiefs, Royals, Mizzou, Sporting

The reaction of Chiefs fans from Sunday’s loss is bizarre. I hope I can say that here. Anyway, the reaction, best I can tell, falls in four general categories: 1. We’re in trouble. The season is falling apart. 2. We’re fine, because the defense is going to be better and look at the offense doing better. 3. Even after three straight losses, we’re light years ahead of last season. 4. Peyton Manning just did Peyton Manning things, so no big deal.

Broncos 35, Chiefs 28: Insta-reaction

That’s 103 points given up in three weeks by what used to be the league’s best defense. The Chiefs have played the Broncos twice and the Chargers once over that period, so that’s a tough stretch, but this has the stench of a talented defense getting exposed.

Chargers 41, Chiefs 38: Insta-reaction

Godspeed to each and every one of you who tailgated in the arctic today. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are in all kinds of trouble if Justin Houston and Tamba Hali are out for the Broncos game. Like, the-cops-are-banging-down-your-door kind of trouble.

Chiefs-Broncos rewatch: Thoughts on pass rush and Smith

There isn’t anything a level-headed person thought of the Chiefs before losing to the Broncos that they shouldn’t think of the Chiefs after a 27-17 loss. The biggest things are the pass rush and Alex Smith. The pass rush generally acted like it was allergic to Peyton Manning. Smith was pretty bad, completing just 21 of 45 passes — and most of them short.

Let’s start overanalyzing this Chiefs-Broncos game already

Even if we ignore Peyton Manning’s injury and assume the best health for the NFL’s best quarterback, there is a lot for Chiefs fans to be encouraged about from the Broncos’ 28-20 win over the Chargers. Let’s point out some important differences from what we saw in San Diego and what we’ll see next week in Denver.