What happened to other players who looked like Mike Moustakas at his age

If Mike Moustakas, who turned 25 at the end of last season, becomes the player the Royals envisioned he provides an enormous boost at a critical time. If he continues as the hitter we’ve seen, he’s more like an anchor. So, whatever, with all the disclaimers and context out of the way, I wanted to see what happened to players who looked like Moustakas at the same age.

Why not include teams in PED punishments?

So you may have missed it between all the playoff football, but major league baseball took a significant step toward effectively ending Alex Rodriguez's career over the weekend. An arbitrator adjusted Rodriguez's suspension down to 162 games plus the playoffs, meaning A-Rod will be 39 years old and basically have missed all of two seasons when he's again eligible.

Twitter Tuesday: Chiefs anger, paranoia, depression, defeatism (plus Royals, KU, KSU and Mizzou)

We're going to do it a little differently this week. I'm typing this from my iPad (like I did for the game on Saturday) which makes it a huge pain in the neck to do the embedding or even copy-and-paste from Twitter. Same with hyperlinks. Basically, this is a beta version of Twitter Tuesday, because everything in my life, apparently, is working as well as the Chiefs in the playoffs.