Letters to the editor

The streetlight at the intersection of England and 151st streets I do not believe was needed and in all honestly seems like a overall waste of tax money. The intersection there was not an issue and did not have a high accident rate.

Therese Park: Happy are the woodcarvers

Fellow senior citizens, if you're looking for a hobby that's fun, therapeutic, and make you feel like Michaelangelo for a day or two, come visit Tomahawk Ridge Community Center on Tuesday mornings and meet the Overland Park Woodcarvers.

Letters to the editor

I was thrilled to read the March 12, 913 editorial, “Roeland Park may lead way on gays,” noting that Roeland Park is preparing to provide positive leadership on gay rights. In an atmosphere in which the Kansas Legislature took a step backward in even considering the endorsement of discrimination in the name of “religious liberty,” it is refreshing to think that there are indeed forward-looking leaders in Johnson County and that they live in my hometown.

Stacey Hatton: For family harmony, unplug

Do you ever feel as if your children’s brains are being destroyed by electronics? I decided to develop my own state-of-the-art research study, using a broad sampling of my 2.3 children and the recommended time period of the past weekend. The results of my in-depth research were as I had predicted: my children’s brains were melting, and rapidly.

Roeland Park may lead way on gay rights

City officials are considering passage of an ordinance that would prohibit discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, such as in employment and housing.