Aspiring to artistry in fiber

Fiber artists weave wearable works of art, raise herds of sheep and alpaca for yarn, and mentor one another. The common thread among this creative group is the sheer love of their craft.

As journalism changes, Johnson County high school students adapt

In a time of unprecedented change in the journalism industry, high school students across Johnson County are learning new skills and spending hours outside of school to make their publications the best they can be and stay on the cutting edge of new technology.

Citizen watchdogs go the extra mile to keep an eye on Johnson County governments

They email. They blog. They attend the meetings, sometimes with a video camera in hand. And often, this band of citizen watchdogs gets things done. These are some of Johnson County’s citizen activists — a small but vocal group of people well known to city councils and commissions for their persistence, watchfulness and willingness to delve into the smallest details.