Armed robber was never told to report to prison

After he was convicted of armed robbery in 2000, Cornealious Anderson was sentenced to 13 years behind bars and told to await instructions on when and where to report to prison. But those instructions never came.

President of Wyandot Inc. is retiring this summer

Pete Zevenbergen, a longtime leader of social services in Wyandotte County, is leaving. Randy Callstrom, the head of PACES, a child and family agency that is part of Wyandot Inc., will take over July 1.

People who die can be virtually immortal in social media

Nobody really goes away on the World Wide Web, and that provides great comfort to many grieving families. But to others, online accounts that linger in perpetuity only serve to remind that someone dear no longer occupies the real world.

Kansas professors endorse proposed social media policy

More than 80 professors from several universities sent a letter to the Kansas Board of Regents saying a new proposed social media policy for Kansas universities “exemplifies the role of scholarship for public intellectuals in a democracy.”

Cancer doctor and clinic agree to pay $2.9 million to settle federal whistleblower lawsuit

Raj Sadasivan did some of his most lucrative work altering medical records with a paper cutter and scissors, some of his former employees contend. Those records at the Hope Cancer Institute in Kansas City, Kan., became the key to an alleged attempt to bilk Medicare and other government programs out of millions of dollars — the largest federal health fraud case in the Kansas City area in recent years. Government claims against Sadasivan and the clinic amounted to $31.7 million.

Witness of Jewish center shooting chased gunman

Paul Temme chased the gunman while on the phone with police, then locked eyes with the man. The shooter raised a handgun and fired at least once. What upsets Temme more than getting shot at, he said, is the bigotry and the hatred behind the shootings. “It’s horrifying to see, the actual remnants” of that bigotry, he said.

Judge hears arguments on proposed streetcar taxing district

Lawyers for supporters and opponents of Kansas City’s streetcars sparred at a hearing to determine the legality of a new taxing district that could help fund extensions to the downtown starter route. Meanwhile, Trucks began unloading rail for the Kansas City streetcar project on Wednesday in downtown Kansas City.

St. Louis-area man accused of sexual torture

A St. Louis County man sexually tortured five women in his apartment at separate times over a period of several years, using threats and psychological control to keep them from leaving or going to police, the county prosecutor said Tuesday.