GOP unlikely to expand Missouri’s Medicaid

Here’s how much Missouri Republicans oppose Obamacare. GOP lawmakers are reluctant to spend one dollar in state money for every 19-plus dollars of new federal money if that means expanding Medicaid eligibility in line with the president’s health care overhaul.

She’s thankful for a lifesaving donation

As fate would have it, Debbie Laidler and Kayla Kutz had known each other for years as soccer moms. As fate would have it, Debbie’s daughter, Katie, and Kayla’s son, Koy, were dating. As fate would have it, Kayla suffered a stroke that left her brain dead. And as fate would have it, Debbie, diagnosed with liver cancer, was on the transplant list at University of Kansas Hospital.

Orchard is already a fruitful endeavor

Richard Nash’s hefty 6-foot-1 frame towers over the baby fruit and nut trees planted on two plots at 29th Street and Highland Avenue. Even so, when this big man was first asked to care for the saplings this past summer, he worried the little trees might be more than he could handle.

‘Tis the season for giving ... and watching for scammers

With more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the country — many depending on end-of-year giving to keep their financials in the black — competition for your generosity can be fierce. And among the players, consumer advocates warn, could be scammers seeking creative ways to make a buck.