Italian appetizer Beef Carpaccio is a rare treat

Heather Popper was in middle school, dining at an Italian restaurant, the first time she tasted carpaccio. It was love at first bite. Now Popper, a student chef at Johnson County Community College, mostly makes it for her foodie friends or doesn’t mention that the meat is raw and covers it heavily with sauce. “This is a simple yet very elegant dish,” she said.

Embrace a Turkish classic with Kebab Koobideh

If you’ve always thought of kebabs as alternating meat and vegetables on a skewer, Tom Burke, a student chef at Johnson County Community College, would like you to think again. His recipe for Kebab Koobideh takes a more traditional approach, wrapping ground meat around a skewer instead.

Spring salad has a green surprise

Julie Groshong loves asparagus. But the student chef at Johnson County Community College knows the delicate spring vegetable doesn’t make everyone’s favorites list. So sometimes she disguises it, as in this salad that uses thinly shaved asparagus ribbons.

Pate starts out homely, ends up a thing of beauty

Pate might just be chopped liver to some people, but to Johnson County Community College student chef Jacob Wright it’s a thing of beauty. It can add protein to a simple luncheon salad, or be served with crackers or toast points for an appetizer.