GM case may once again undermine confidence

With evidence that the carmaker knew about the ignition problem for at least a decade and suppressed damning documents for years, the case is mounting that something was rotten in General Motors’ castle. It’s reminiscent of automotive debacles of the past, events that undermined American consumers’ faith in the quality and safety of American cars.

Streetcar is taking Kansas City on a costly ride

Even before a single streetcar leaves the station, our city spenders have deemed the project a success. So much so that a $472 million expansion of the streetcar system in Kansas City is proposed for 7.6 more miles. That’s $62 million a mile.

Shameful Missouri State Fair stunt smears Obama

The taxpayer-supported Missouri State Fair got a ton of negative publicity Sunday following a shameful stunt that occurred Saturday night involving a clown wearing a mask of President Barack Obama. And on Sunday evening state fair officials properly apologized.